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Google will answer developers' burning questions about Android 11 on July 9

Android 11 isn't a boring update, especially when it comes to under-the-hood changes. Scoped Storage for limiting access to internal files will be enforced, a new 'Block Store' API will make logins easier, and apps will get to use bubble notifications for the first time. If you have any burning questions about the update that you would like the Android team to answer, here's your chance.

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Reddit adds new Anonymous Browsing mode to mobile app

The internet is unfathomably massive, and sometimes you end up in weird places. And... maybe you don't want all those places connected to your online persona. No problem, as long as you're a Redditor. The official Reddit app has a new anonymous browsing mode that's more anonymous than the one it had previously.

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Sync for Reddit gets full material theme makeover in beta

There are plenty of Reddit clients in the Play Store, but Sync for Reddit is one of the most popular. The free version has more than a million downloads, and the paid version has over 100,000. The app has looked the same for several years, and it was starting to fall behind the times. Now, a complete material redesign has started rolling out in beta. You probably want to get on this.

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Google issues joint statement with Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Reddit, pledging to fight coronavirus misinformation

Today several of the bigger technology and social media companies, including Google, Facebook, Reddit, Microsoft, and Twitter, issued a joint industry statement regarding their response to the coronavirus. All of the companies are committed to "combating fraud and misinformation."

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Somebody hacked a Google Home Mini into a rotary phone

Someone took apart a rotary phone, removed the call-making guts of it, and replaced them with a Google Home Mini. The best part about this mess of circuitry? The receiver acts as the smart speaker's output. Yes.

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Reddit is Fun now called 'rif is fun for reddit' due to licensing issues

Reddit has slowly been ramping up enforcement of its branding over the past few years, causing third-party apps to rename themselves. The latest Reddit client to be affected is the much-loved Reddit Is Fun, which has now changed its name to 'rif is fun for reddit.'

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Pixel Launcher on Pixel 3 and 3a crashing after December security patch for some users

Google released the December security patch for its Pixel range yesterday while notoriously skipping its newest Pixel 4 duo. Some of the older Pixel 3 and 3a units running the Pixel Launcher have been rendered unresponsive after installing this latest patch. The launcher is repeatedly crashing for the affected users, leaving many with no choice but to hard reset their devices.

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Some Google Stadia pre-orders are hinting at just how soon hardware might arrive

So, you've bought into Google Stadia with that $130 Founder's Edition kit, you've got enough internet pumping in and out to blast 4K HDR games without the console, and you're just about to explode with all the titles set to come in the next year. All you're waiting for is the word "go," and so far, we've only been given the word "November." But a couple of clues have recently popped up in the Stadia subreddit in the hopes of letting us mark down a specific day on our calendars.

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