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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments, The Makers Of The Fitness-Oriented Smart Eyewear Recon Jet

After somewhat missing the boat on mobile computing, Intel is slowly and steadily forging its way in the wearable market, trying to stay at the forefront of this new field. Over the past year or so, it has acquired Basis, formed a partnership with eyewear giant Luxxotica (Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc), announced a collaboration with Google and Tag Heuer for an Android Wear watch, and unveiled a button-sized chip for wearables named the Curie Module.

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Massively Delayed Recon Jet Heads-Up Display Is Finally Shipping On March 30th

Google is currently re-tooling Google Glass, but that other Android-powered face computer is finally shipping pre-orders that were placed back in 2013. The Recon Jet is expected to leave the warehouse on March 30th. To make up for the delay, the company is including a free spare battery and clear lenses in addition to the standard gray ones.


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Recon Jet Pilot Edition Heads-Up Display Available For Pre-Order – $499 Now, $599 After July 21st

Sure, Google Glass is cool, but it's $1,500. Also, Google won't even take your filthy money right now. Glass is still being tested in the Explorer Program, so what can you do if you need Android in your eyeball right now? Recon Instruments is here to help. The company's Android-based Recon Jet Pilot Edition heads-up display (HUD) is going up for pre-order today. It's going to sell for $499, but only if you act fast.

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