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Reckless Racing 3 is the latest Play Store game to go on sale for $.10 in some countries

Is it weird that displays its prices in US currency, even for sales that aren't actually valid in the United States? Yes it is. But with a 95% discount on a really solid top-down racing game, we can forgive a little international inconsistency. The latest Android game to get the ten cent treatment is Reckless Racing 3, Pixelbite's threequel to one of the best games in the early Android era. It's normally three dollars, or equivalent local currency, so snatch it up quickly.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: 10000000, Combo Crew, Reckless Racing 2, eWeather HD, And More [Update]

We already had some pretty great app and game deals yesterday, and today looks even better, particularly if you're in the mood to expand your Android game library.We've got Reckless Racing 2 for speedsters, Combo Crew for fighters, 10000000 for the nostalgic, and Beauty and the Beast for those who can't wrestle their tablets back from the kids. Here are the rest of your Google Play Store deals for Thursday.


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[New Game] The Makers Of Reckless Racing Do Their Best Wipeout Impression With Repulze

The old F-Zero and Wipeout series were some of the fastest, prettiest games of their respective times, so it's no surprise that the niche of "hovercraft racer" has made such a disproportionate impact on the racing genre. PixelBite is no stranger to racing themselves, having developed the Reckless series for Android and iOS. Their latest and most ambitious game is Repulze, a hovercraft racer that pushes the boundaries of both speed and graphics on Android.

The on-track weapons, speed boosts, and other power-ups give the game a feel that's closer to kart racers than a pure sim, but the breakneck speed and hairpin turns should keep fans of similar games happy.

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[Review] Reckless Racing 2 Power Slides Past Original, Brings Dynamic, Versatile Racing Action To Your Mobile Device

Polarbit invites users to prepare for the ride of their lives, bringing the sequel to Reckless Racing to the Android Market just two days ago. The game keeps pace with its predecessor, bringing "the best powerslides in the world," online multiplayer, and customizable control layouts.

Reckless Racing 2 offers several different gameplay modes, including career mode, arcade mode, single event, and multiplayer. Career mode offers a variety of cups to compete in, while arcade mode allows players to choose from an array of tracks. I found the single event mode a refreshing addition, as it enables quick pick-up play without requiring the player to invest a significant amount of time.

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'Reckless Racing' Developer Brings A New Game To The Android Market: Reckless Getaway

Game dev Polarbit recently released a new offering to the Android Market called Reckless Getaway, where you play the part of a wheelman after a bank robbery. Carrying the same kill-or-be-killed vibe as Reckless Racing, it's your job to get away from the fuzz any way you see fit -- including throwing them into oncoming traffic, walls, or whatever other element you can find.

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The game features 17 all-new tracks, simple controls, realistic physics and controls, as well as unlockable levels and games modes. 

Reckless Getaway will set you back $2.99, and you can grab it by hitting the widget below.

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Sony Ericsson Announces PlayStation Certified Xperia Play - Coming To Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile UK This Spring

It's hardly a surprise, but it's welcome news nonetheless: Sony Ericsson just announced the Xperia Play, also known as the PlayStation Phone. We're still waiting for the full specs on this PlayStation certified device, so be sure to check back here soon for all the official details!

Update: The Play will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread at launch, and will be compatible with 50 games, including such titles as Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero, Dead Space, and Reckless Racing. Compatibility with PSOne games - presumably via the PlayStation Suite - is also in the pipelines.
Update 2: It's official: This spring, Verizon will become the first US carrier to offer the Xperia Play!
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Android Game Roundup: Five Of Our (Non-Angry Birds) Favorites

We've already brought you the top five 3D games for Android as well as several reviews of our favorite games, but developers have made the Marketplace such a great place to squander your time and money on the latest in the world of entertainment that we just have to keep coming back to this topic. Besides, since the majority of you are probably still on the lookout for a good Android game other than Angry Birds, I decided to put together another list of games, this time of the best ones overall. Dig in!

#1 - EVAC

snap20101029_195433_wm3 evac2 evac3

After watching Artem's glowing review of EVAC, I immediately set of to download the PacMan clone from the Market.

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REVIEW: Reckless Racing Brings Yeehaw Dorifto To Android

Note: Testing for this review was done on a Nexus One

I love drifting. As I tuck myself into bed, I can be heard to whisper "Good night, Dorikin". So when I read that Reckless Racing, so long anticipated on the Droid Forums gaming section, had finally been released, I immediately bought it from the market.

My first impressions weren't particularly positive. The country hick theme (RR was formerly known as Deliverace) did not appeal to me, and the single-thumb control scheme was terrible. It didn't feel like it had been worth the wait, especially after a 20 minute download for the game data.

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