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Google's reCAPTCHA v3 stops bots without interrupting users

It's a vital tool for stopping bots from spamming websites, but reCAPTCHA can also be a pain in the neck for users. Over the years, it's been simplified and made less conspicuous for innocent humans, to the point where it should be invisible for most. The reCAPTCHA v3 API is now out of beta and ready to be deployed.

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Google's new Invisible reCAPTCHAs won't show a checkbox to humans

Various CAPTCHA systems have been in existence over the years, often as a source of frustration (and jokes) to actual humans trying to complete online forms. Google's own implementation, called reCAPTCHA V2, replaces the old squiggly-word boxes with a simple checkbox. Now the company is taking reCAPTCHA a step further, by ditching the checkbox all together - in most cases.

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[I'm Not A Robot] Google Simplifies reCAPTCHAs For PCs And Mobile Devices

Whether or not you know the name, you've encountered a CAPTCHA before. It's the little window typically found at the bottom of an online registration form that's meant to separate real people from robots or scripts that could potentially flood a site with phony accounts and fraudulent purchases. reCAPTCHA is a Google-owned implementation that you've probably seen across the web, and convincing it that you're a real person usually consists of squinting at a set of funky letters and re-typing them as best as you can. The experience is frustrating on a PC and just plain aggravating on a mobile device.

Now Google has introduced a new API that should make the entire experience more pleasant.

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