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260,000 AmazonBasics power banks recalled for fire risk

Amazon is recalling six models of power banks in its AmazonBasics line, totaling about 260,000 units, due to 53 reports of overheating in the US. One of these reports caused chemical burns, and four caused property damage.

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PSA: Refurbished AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries recalled for potential overheating issues

Oh, look: another Samsung battery recall. Though not as widespread as the Note7 debacle, this one is still important to pay attention to. If you received a refurbished AT&T Galaxy Note 4 (like for an insurance replacement) between December 2016 and April 2017, listen up.

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NVIDIA is recalling a number of faulty European AC wall adapters that shipped with SHIELD products

Some European AC wall adapters are being recalled by NVIDIA as they risk causing an electrical shock. We've had tips from readers of the GeForce forum, where a post by an employee linked to an official recall page with instructions for identifying and returning the faulty equipment.

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Galaxy Note7 investigation finds two distinct battery problems

Samsung has finally announced the results of the company's investigation into the Note7 accidents today, and it has come to an interesting conclusion. In addition to its own internal investigation, Samsung brought in safety consulting firms ULExponent, and TÜV Rheinland to help determine the root causes.

Samsung and all other firms came to the same conclusion - the problem was with the batteries (not software or the rest of the hardware), and there were two separate issues that caused the incidents.

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[Update: faulty chargers] Barnes & Noble is apparently pulling its latest Nook Tablet from store shelves

Before November of last year, we had thought that Barnes & Noble's Nook line - one of the first real Android tablets when it launched back in 2010 - was more or less dead. The bookstore had been selling Nook-branded Samsung tablets as ostensible loss-leaders for its digital bookstore, but the $50 Nook Tablet 7" was the first truly unique device under the brand in years. Now, according to an unverified Reddit post, it looks like there might be something seriously wrong with that new reader-tablet.

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Jackass causes alarm on flight by naming his Wi-Fi hotspot 'Galaxy Note7'

A prudent person doesn't ever joke about bombs in an airport. After today, you might want to extend those warnings to a certain flagship Samsung smartphone. According to a BBC report, a passenger on a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Boston last week labelled his phone's Wi-Fi hotspot as "Galaxy Note 7." Hijinks, of the not particularly entertaining variety, ensued.

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Samsung will push OTA with 60% charge limit to all US Note7s in the coming days

Samsung is pulling out the big guns to encourage Note7 holdouts to turn in their phones. In the coming days, it will send out an OTA to all Note7s in the US that limits the battery to a 60% charge. So, it's not just T-Mobile. The new software will also nag you incessantly about returning the phone.

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Samsung estimates it'll lose around $3.1 billion in the next two quarters because of the Galaxy Note7

The Galaxy Note7 has been an absolute disaster for Samsung; although it was an excellent smartphone, its tendency to catch fire pretty much negates all of the praise that was heaped onto it. Case in point: Samsung's now estimating that the Note7's recalls and subsequent cancellation will cost them about $3.1 billion over the next two fiscal quarters.

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[Update: Sprint and Best Buy too] Verizon halts Galaxy Note7 sales, replacement devices can be exchanged

After AT&T and T-Mobile confirmed they are both halting Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales, and reports claiming Samsung is temporarily halting production of the device, Verizon has followed suit and halted its selling of the handset as well. The phones - both original and replacement models - can still be exchanged for something less, um, likely to explode, though.

This follows after it was claimed a replacement Note7 - i.e. the one that should have been fixed - caught fire shortly before takeoff on a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Baltimore.

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Report: Samsung is halting production of the Galaxy Note7

At this point I think it's safe to say that Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is the most embarrassing failure in the history of Android hardware. A spate of statistically high battery fires caused a worldwide recall of millions of Note 7 units, followed by multiple reports of explosions from the allegedly "fixed" replacement phones. American carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are no longer selling the device, all four major carriers are accepting unconditional exchanges, and we at Android Police are officially recommending that consumers not buy the phone for now. It's an unmitigated disaster for Samsung.

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