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Slacker Radio rebranded as LiveXLive, focusing on streaming live performances [APK Download]

When LiveXLive acquired Slacker Radio for $50 million towards the end of 2017, it wasn't clear what the live music streaming service would do with the app. Eventually, the decision was made to combine the two platforms and the rebranded app is now live on the Play Store.

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Google Home Hub rumored to be renamed 'Nest Hub'

Late last month, some mentions of the Nest Hub Max were spotted on the Google Store. We thought it was odd that Google would choose to brand it as a Nest product given that its current smart display is called the Home Hub, but there are now rumors that the Home Hub will be renamed as "Nest Hub."

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The new Google Marketing Platform replaces DoubleClick starting July 24

Google announced last month that it would be restructuring a number of its marketing and analytics tools into fewer brands with names that more clearly reflect what the products actually do. Part of the new slate of offerings is going live tomorrow in Google Marketing Platform, a combination of Google's existing DoubleClick and Analytics 360 suites.

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Google Research rebranded as Google AI to convey the importance of machine learning across the company

Google's research projects have been rolled into to create the new Google AI division. This means that Google Research is no more, and a new website has been launched alongside a renamed blog. The move unifies all of the company's advanced research efforts while explicitly pointing to the machine learning tech that underpins them.

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[How about no] Snapchat, now Snap Inc., announces Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a wide-angle camera

Snapchat, the company best known to us for creating a horrible Android app, has just announced two big pieces of news; not only is Snapchat renaming itself Snap Inc., but it's also releasing 'Spectacles', a pair of sunglasses built just for Snapchat that is equipped with a wide-angle camera.

Let's start with Snapchat's new name - Snap Inc. According to CEO Evan Spiegel, the California-based company is taking on this new identity because it's beginning to offer products other than Snapchat.

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Nike+ Running becomes Nike+ Run Club as part of 2.0 update

I've never been much of a runner, so I've only taken my phone with me for a lap around the neighborhood a handful of times. When I did, it felt Runtastic. But the Nike+ Running app has been another option for people looking to set goals and track their progress.

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Google App For Android TV v2.0 Updates The Search Interface To The New Brand Style [APK Download]

Out with the old and in with the new. That's just about the best way to describe the latest update to the Google app for Android TV. Version 2.0 doesn't seem to bring much in the way of features, but what it lacks in functional changes is more than made up for with visuals. Basically everything having to do with a search interface looks at least a little different, if not completely. If you're eager to try it out for yourself, there's an APK Mirror link at the bottom. Otherwise, take a gander at a few screenshots below.

What's New


New microphone – Left: old version, Right: new version.

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Todoist Gives Its Brand A Visual Refresh, Introduces New App Icon In Latest Update

Todoist gave its Android app a complete material makeover early this summer, providing users with the most changes they've seen in years. But it seems the company left one thing off the list at the time, and today it's rectifying that. The to-do list and note syncing service has come out with a new brand identity, one that does away with its old TD logo.

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The Xbox Music Android App Has Found Its Groove, Rebranding Takes Effect In Latest Update

Xbox Music is now Groove. This is news that Microsoft detailed weeks ago, but it's only now—coinciding with the release of Windows 10—that we're seeing the name change on Android.

In the latest version, the rebranding has taken place. Microsoft highlights the ability to upload your music to OneDrive, stream music with a Music Pass subscription ($9.99 a month or $99 a year), and save files for offline use.

Groove1 Groove2 Groove3

Not wasting any time, Sonos has already announced that it supports Groove. The integration is still in beta, but you're free to try it out right away. Look for it under Add Music Services.

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The OnePlus DR-1 Drone Is An April Fool's Joke That You Can Buy (Maybe, Possibly, Probably Not)

When OnePlus staff member David S. said that the tiny phone manufacturer would release a drone called the DR-1, our BS-o-meter shot past the "nope" point in under two seconds. As many of you guessed, the OnePlus drone is indeed an April Fool's Day joke. But apparently the company is taking a page out of Think Geek's playbook: in addition to being a mildly amusing misdirection, the DR-1 drone will also be available for purchase.

The promotional website is vague and mostly unhelpful... which is either a surprisingly self-aware critique of itself on the part of OnePlus, or simply an application of their previous marketing to a kinda-sorta fake product.

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