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Intel set to acquire Movidius to give sight to machines

In a blog post today, Intel announced its planned acquisition of Movidius, a "vision" chip manufacturer that focuses on low-power hardware and algorithms to give machines sight. Having seen a market for its technology at its founding, Movidius set out to develop its own processing architecture to tackle large workloads and image processing while keeping expenditure low. This eventually became the company's Vision Processing Units (VPU), which allow for tracking, navigation, and mapping all while sipping at power. Because of the success in its endeavors, the company was able to partner with some big names in the tech space, including Google and its Project Tango.

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Google And Intel Team Up To Create A Project Tango Developer Kit For Phones Using RealSense

When Dell launched the Venue 8 7000 tablet, a sleek device that's insanely thin, it included a bunch of extra cameras. They provided the hardware necessary for Intel RealSense, which adds depth-sensing capability for images. The end result was kind of awkward, but hey, it's an innovation in progress.

Today at the Intel Developer Forum, the company announced that it has worked with Google to develop a Project Tango developer kit for smartphones utilizing RealSense. To accompany this news, there's a smartphone sporting a 6-inch display and a bunch of cameras on the back. Engadget has shared several photos of the device, which looks a bit like the top half of a Nintendo 3DS.

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