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Real Racing 3 Update Adds Ferraris, A New Track, And More

The newest update to EA's free-to-play racing title Real Racing 3 has an assortment of shiny new things to dangle in front of you. Of course, you'll have to pay for most of them, but the game is a free download, and there aren't many games that can match to overall quality of the racing experience in RR3.

Included in this update are Ferrari vehicles like the 458 Italia and the V12-powered F12 Berlinetta.

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Real Racing 3 Update Adds Classic American Muscle Cars From Dodge And Shelby, Google+ Integration

EA isn't letting its mega mobile racing franchise stagnate. The latest update to Real Racing 3 is version 1.3, adding iconic muscle cars from Dodge and Shelby. Four cars have been added to the roster: the 1969 Dodge Charger RT, 1971 Dodge Challenger RT, 1966 Shelby AC Cobra 427 (I think - going by a screenshot and some Wikipedia sleuthing), and the 1967 Mustang Cobra GT500.

According to the What's New text, there are also new events, new difficulty settings, tweaks to car physics and cameras, and "additional social networking options." Posters on the FireMonkeys developer forum say that means Google+ integration, as a G+ sign-in option has been added to the Settings page.

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Real Racing 3 Shifts Into Overdrive With A Big Update – Improved Graphics, New Cars From Bentley And Mercedes-Benz, And More

Real Racing is one of the more authentic racers on Android, and you can give it a shot for free. There's more reason than ever to take a look now that the game ahs been updated to version 1.2. The developers have made a ton of improvements, including adding licensed cars from more manufacturers.

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Between all the new game types and events introduced in this update, there are over 180 new races to complete.

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Real Racing 3 Updated With New Lexus And Dodge Cars, Dubai Autodrome Track, And 50+ Events

Electronic Arts' mobile racing magnum opus has been downloaded more than ten million times worldwide on Android alone, and it doesn't look like they're ready to stop adding content any time soon. The latest update to Real Racing 3 is a doozie, adding a new manufacturer and cars, a brand new racing venue, and more than 50 challenges and events for the dedicated virtual driver. The game is free and so is the update, though you'll still have to put up with the annoying time-based in-app purchase system.

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Real Racing 3 For Android Gets Major Update - 2 New Cars, Cross-Platform Cloud Saves, New Events, And More

After an iOS update a couple weeks back, Real Racing 3 for Android received its first big content pack update on Android yesterday, adding two new vehicles, over 100 new events, a new event type ('Hunter' mode), and cross-platform cloud saving.

This update is causing major issues for some people (myself included), and on multiple devices. If this happens to you, uninstall the game and then re-install. As long as your profile in the game is signed into Facebook, your progress should still be saved.
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Real Racing 3 Review: There Is A Good Game In Here Somewhere

Electronic Arts seems to be one of the most disliked game developers on any platform, so it doesn't take much for the internet to rise up in anger against them. The release of Real Racing 3 with its heavy in-app purchases was reason enough to hurl some vitriol at EA. However, the game is free to try and there are a ton of officially licensed cars to drive. So is it really that bad?

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[New Game] EA's Real Racing 3 Arrives In Play Store For Some Countries With Insane In-App Purchases

Everyone's favorite game studio, Electronic Arts, has released the third incarnation of its "hyper-realistic" racing series. Real Racing 3 is in the Play Store, but appears to be available only in certain countries right now. The North American listing isn't working for us, but the international version appears to be functional for at least some folks. Although, considering the bizarre new in-app purchase upsell, maybe you're not missing much.

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The Real Racing series makes its name by licensing dozens of authentic cars.

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