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Google Prepares For Summer Football Competitions With Now Cards

The summer of soccer football competitions is almost upon us, with both Copa América and Euro 2016 starting this month. Google's showing its support by asking users to select which teams they'd like to follow within Google Now.

Euro 2016 is mere days away, with the competition starting in France on June 10. Two cards, one above and one below, have been appearing in the last few days advertising the European championship. One is asking users which teams they would like to follow, listing them horizontally in alphabetical order with a plus in the top right for adding them to get updates. The card only seems to be appearing if a national football team is already followed in Now, although it may appear if a club football team is followed too.

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LiveSoccer 3.0 Launches In Time For Euro 2016 With A Contest To Win Great Prizes

For those of us who watch real football, the one played with feet and no helmets (what you Yanks call soccer), a well-known app has received an update. LiveSoccer, one of the most popular football apps in the Play Store, has launched version 3.0, bringing a host of new features, including user and club profiles, 'Predict Match results,' and contests, points, and leaderboards. Sadly the app is still holo, though.

The team profiles show useful information, such as season statistics, a calendar for upcoming matches, the latest scores, a full squad list, and any details, such as phone number or website.

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Real Football 2013 Review: Turns Out It's Not So "Real" After All

FIFA may be the undisputed king of football games on the console, but when it comes to mobile gaming, it's a totally different ball game.

Gameloft will be hoping that Real Football 2013 (also known as "Real Soccer 2013" in the U.S. store) can take advantage of FIFA 13's delayed arrival to the Play store this year, and amass as many downloads as possible, but how does it compare to its rivals?


When you launch Real Football for the first time, you can choose to take control of a club from a number of leagues across the world. Pro Evolution Soccer fans will no doubt be glad to see the return of teams such as 'Man Red', as Gameloft hasn't acquired the rights to the names of most of the teams available.

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