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Google is testing a distraction-free reader mode in Chrome Canary

Nobody likes to be bombarded with ads and general clutter when reading articles on the web, which is where reader mode comes in. For years we thought that Google, an advertising company, wouldn't ever sign off on such a feature for its Chrome browser on desktop. Thankfully, it looks like we underestimated Google since it's now testing a reader mode in Chrome Canary.

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Samsung Internet Beta v7.4 brings Intelligent Scan support, new Reader Mode, and more

Samsung Internet Beta version 7.4 is now available to download with support for Intelligent Scan authentication, a new Reader Mode, and improvements to download history. Samsung has also made some regional changes for those in the U.S., China, and India.

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CNN app for Android adds Chromecast support and reader mode

Coming off its recent redesign, CNN has just updated its app for Android to support Chromecast streaming of video clips, and a new "reader mode" that condenses the size of headline listings for more information at a glance. If you are interested in increasing the efficiency behind your consumption of news, these changes are sure to make a difference.

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The Chromium Team Is Implementing Reader Mode Again, Now Being Tested In Chrome Dev

Back in Chrome v39, we got a look at a reader mode not unlike many other mobile browsers such as Firefox. However, it didn't even leave Chrome Beta before getting hidden in the flags menu. Features that were not originally in flags but later moved there tend not to come back. Well, the latest Chrome Dev, v45, features a revamped version of reader mode. Now, on pages the browser decides could benefit from it, it gives a prompt that says "make page mobile-friendly." Tapping on that brings the user to a slightly redesigned reader view, though it isn't described as such anywhere.

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