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[Update: Read receipts now rolling out to all] Skype finally gets read receipts in Insiders Preview build

In-conversation read receipts are either a useful way to keep track of text-based communication or a hindrance in ignoring people, depending on who you ask. They're finally coming to Skype — but only in its Insider Preview beta build. Now when someone reads a message in either one-on-one or group conversations, their avatar will appear underneath it.

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Google Duo v33 hints at read receipts and three levels of bokeh effect [APK Teardown]

While we await the imminent rollout of the screen sharing feature we've been watching for a few months, a new version of Duo is rolling out with even more clues about upcoming changes. There haven't been any immediately obvious changes going live in this update, but a teardown points to a couple of enhancements. The first will be read receipts for video and audio messages sent through Duo. The second set of clues points to three different levels for the upcoming bokeh effect.

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G Suite adds 'Activity dashboard' to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, essentially bringing read receipts to files

More and more services are getting read receipts these days, and the latest services to get it seem to be Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for G Suite users. The feature is called 'Activity dashboard' here, and it can be tweaked by G Suite administrators to control what data is shown.

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RCS is going live for some Google Messenger users, enabling "enhanced features" for messaging

A little over a week ago, we first detected several less-than-subtle hints of Rich Communication Services, more commonly known as RCS, in Google Messenger 2.0's code. In case you don't know what RCS is, it essentially adds some useful features to SMS that are similar to what you'll find in Apple's iMessage. Now, for a select few, Google has flipped a server-side switch for RCS.

Google's initiative to make RCS more commonplace isn't new, though; last year, the Mountain View-based company purchased Jibe Mobile, a startup with an RCS platform. Allo was expected to receive RCS support, but since that didn't pan out, Messenger is the very first Google app to support it.

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Twitter's DMs now feature read receipts and some other new things

Twitter Direct Messages have never been my preferred messaging platform, but for those who do use it, there are a few new features —read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews. If you use other services such as Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, and WhatsApp, you've probably already seen these.

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WhatsApp Lets You Disable Read Receipts, You Can Safely Ignore People's Nagging Again

Remember when WhatsApp turned on its Read Receipts feature last week and caused panic all over the world? Well, the company wants nothing to do with your lover quarrels or business disputes — "He ignored my WhatsApp messages!" isn't a court-accepted argument, it seems. So to avoid becoming the second largest cause of divorce, WhatsApp is preparing another update to its app that should make the new feature optional.



Version 2.11.444 (which is only available on WhatsApp's site for now) has a new menu under Settings, Privacy. A checkmark for Read Receipts lets you enable the option or turn it off. In that case, WhatsApp will no longer show other people when you read their messages, but it will also stop you from seeing the blue checkmarks for all of your conversations.

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