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Chrome Dev and Beta add a Read it later/Keep tab feature to Custom Tabs

Read it later apps are massively popular, with examples such as Instapaper or Pocket being among the most downloaded apps on Google Play. Google is also getting into the game now, albeit in a different way, with the Chrome team adding a read it later feature to the development versions of the browser.

As alluded to, both Chrome Dev and Chrome Beta have this, but in slightly different guises.

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Pocket 6.1.1 Adds Option To Follow Other Story Curators And Get More Personal Recommendations

Pocket wants to be your reading home on the web and mobile. Whether it's the stories that you run across while browsing or checking social media, those that your friends share with you, or those that it thinks are interesting to you, Pocket serves them to you in their purest form, stripped of the superfluous ads, widgets, and stuff that you find on any web page. And now Pocket's recommendations, which it introduced in version 6, are getting more customizable and personal.

Instead of Pocket guessing what you might want to read, you can help it by following known story curators and friends.

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Pocket Updated To Version 5.4, Includes New Languages, Immersive Mode, And More

If you use Pocket for your "read it later" needs, you'll want to check the Play Store for an update. Today, Pocket announced version 5.4 of its Android app, and it includes several new features that are sure to be of interest to users. Here's the official changelog:

Translated into more languages: Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Portuguese.

Fullscreen now uses Immersive Mode on Android 4.4 KitKat and hides the status bar on Android 4.1 and up.

Refined layout and typography, which ensures that headers, images and paragraphs all flow together seamlessly.

Automatic adjustments to layout and formatting when adjusting text size to deliver the most readable view.

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Pocket Celebrates Its Name's One Year Anniversary With 'Send To Friend' And More In Version 4.5

Pocket, in an update to celebrate the one year anniversary of Read It Later's rebrand, has introduced (among other things) Send to Friend, a new feature that allows for quick, easy sharing of content with friends. Users can accept shared content directly from the Pocket app, using the app's new Inbox. Those sharing can also highlight quotes or add their own comments before sharing, sending them along for friends to read.


What's great about Pocket's Send to Friend is that users can share content with anyone via email without ever leaving the app. While a relatively small feature, it makes the Pocket experience all the more seamless.

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Read It Later Becomes 'Pocket' - Offers A New Interface And Features, Loses Price Tag

When you want to totally reinvent yourself, a new look is definitely a good place to start. If you really want to say "hey, this is a new me!" then a name change can convey that message pretty well. I guess Read It Later wasn't happy with where it was in the hard knock life of an app in the Google Play Store, because it recently went under the knife to get a totally new interface, new features, as well as a new name.

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What emerged this morning is the all new Read It Later, now called Pocket. Pocket offers everything that you've come to expect from Read It Later, along with new content filters, improved organization features, faster sync, and, of course, an all new interface.

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