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Re-Volt3 hits the Play Store with frantic, competitive RC racing

Remote control cars are great fun, so game developer WeGo Interactive has brought a form of that to Android, with the release of Re-Volt3, a sequel to the popular Re-Volt2. The 'official launch' of the game is today, with different items on offer every day until November 27. Previously, the game has been a in geo-restricted, limited launch, but now it is available worldwide on the Play Store.

screenshot_20161122-191048 screenshot_20161122-191429

The premise is pretty simple - work your way up through the ranks of RC racing until you're the best. It's a good game, although because the main viewpoint is from behind the car, it feels just like any other, 'normal' racing game, except the cars are more sensitive than they would be normally.

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[New Game] RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer Takes The Pint-Sized Racer Online And Into Free-To-Play Territory

Many fans of the original PS1-era RE-VOLT were thrilled when a port was released on Android last year. The portable version included all of the goofy kart-style racing that made the original a sleeper hit... with one exception. Both the remastered version and the free-to-play edition lacked online multiplayer, which was a crucial part of the old game. Well, except for the online part. That's been addressed in RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer, available now as a free download.

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The same simple 3D graphics and amazingly tight controls return from the first game - seriously, these are probably as good as touchscreen controls get on Android.

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Roundup: Our Top Eight Picks For Best New Game From April 2013

Of course after our app roundup earlier today, we've got to have a roundup of the very best games from last month. This time we have a few more than usual, bumping the count to eight. While our shortlist isn't so short this time around, all the games discussed are well worth checking out. From racing to hidden object, April 2013 had something for just about every type of gamer.

CSR Racing

First up is CSR Racing. If you sense a lack of super-shiny racing games on Android, CSR Racing by NaturalMotionGames will fill the gap. Check out the promo video, which itself is as fast as the racing.

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