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RCA Announces New 4K TVs With Android TV Built-In, Priced As Low As $499

You can pair an Android TV box with any TV to get Google smarts in your set, but there are also a few TVs with Android TV built-in. They're usually a bit more expensive than similar TVs, but that's not the case for RCA's new Android TV 4K sets. They come in 50, 55, and 65-inch varieties, and the smallest one starts at just $499.

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Official (And Very Expensive) RCA And Optical Cable Adapters For The Chromecast Audio Are Now In The Google Store

The new Chromecast Audio is neat. But the box only comes with a 1/8th inch aux cable (AKA a headphone cable), so if you want to use that handy little streaming gadget with anything that doesn't have a standard headphone jack, you'll have to dive into your rat's nest of ancient cables and adapters. Or you could head for Radio Shack, realize that Radio Shack closed two years ago and you never noticed, then head to Best Buy, ask the guy in the blue shirt where the audio cables are, find him again and ask him where the audio cable that you actually want is, then leave the store in defeat when he admits he's out of stock, then finally go home and wait a week for a $5 cable to come in the mail from Amazon.

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RCA's Unannounced Internet Music System Slaps A 7-Inch Android Tablet On A Shelf System To Wirelessly Stream Media

It's not often that RCA does something worth talking about these days, but the company has apparently been working on a product dubbed the Internet Music System (model number RCS13101E). This device streams media to the included speakers, or to a TV over HDMI. That's cool, but the important thing is that it's powered by Android with Google apps included. It has just started popping up in Walmart stockrooms, and will presumably be on sale soon. Yes, it's an unusual product to say the least.

The "Internet Music System" is an odd name seeing as it promises to do plenty of other things.

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CES 2011: A Look At RCA's Android TV Prototype

At the RCA booth today we got a quick glimpseat something they're working on. It's a 42" full HD TV, that runs Android 2.2 at the same time. The OS can be controlled from the TV's remote or with what looked strikingly similar to the Brando Rii Bluetooth keyboard. The UI is a custom media-centric launcher which allows you to view images and videos on the large screen. Around the back we found a USB port which indicates that you should be able to play external media from your own storage devices.

IMG_2635 IMG_2638 IMG_2630

As you can see in the notecard, the Android TV supposedly has access to the Android Market.

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