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[Deal Alert] Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero is $148.99 (50% off) on Amazon

About half a year ago, we reviewed Sphero's Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC car. We walked away unimpressed due to its subpar controls and monstrous $300 price tag, despite its realism and cool factor. Now it's been discounted to a much more reasonable $148.99, just a bit over 50% off its MSRP, on Amazon.

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Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero review: Not nearly enough ka-chow for $300

The original Cars movie came out in March 2006. That may not seem like all that long ago to some of you, but keep this in mind: it wasn't until September 2008 that the first-ever Android phone, the HTC Dream, made its consumer debut. Back in '06, I was just a kid who was much more interested in toy cars than technology. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to see a Pixar movie with animated talking cars.

It's been eleven years since then, and I now spend my time on actual cars far more than little models of them.

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Sphero's new toy is an interactive $300 Lightning McQueen RC car that is actually pretty awesome

Sphero is perhaps best-known for creating the Sphero ball and the Ollie, but the company's latest product is just a bit more complex. Of course, RC cars are nothing new, but this new Lightning McQueen model packs a ton of technology into a compact, friendly-looking package. In fact, there's so much tech inside that the $299.99 price tag kind of makes sense.

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