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DEEMO II and Soul of Eden are coming to Android, up for pre-reg now

Rayark International is probably best known for its rhythm game series Cytus, though its action RPG Implosion - Never Lose Hope is also a very well-known title. Of course, the Cytus series isn't the developer's only rhythm game. The piano-based rhythm title DEEMO is also a major hit, and so it has amassed over 5-million installs on Android since its release in 2013. After seven years, it's now clear that a sequel is in the works, and it was recently listed on the Play Store for pre-registration, along with a secondary title called Soul of Eden, which is a card-based RTS.

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Cytus II is here, and it's 30% off for the first week

Just last week I wrote a piece about Rayark International's rhythm-based game Cytus II coming to Android soon because it was finally listed on the Play Store for pre-registration. We had no information on the official release date at that time, but we didn't have to wait too long as Cytus II is now officially available. You can currently purchase the base game for $1.39, which is 30% off of the regular price. But make sure to grab it soon as this sale will only last for the first week.

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Rayark International's rhythm game 'Cytus II' is available for pre-registration

Cytus II has been officially available since January of this year for iOS, but as always Android will get the game sometime later. It's at least reassuring to know that the sequel to the largely popular rhythm-based game Cytus is finally coming to to the Play Store. Well, that is if today's pre-registration listing is anything to go by.

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