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[Update: Problems addressed] Raven Connected Car System review

Most people purchase used cars instead of new models, which means most people don't have the latest and greatest tech in their vehicle. How many cars on the road today are equipped with cassette players, iPod integration, or navigation systems with horribly-outdated maps?

There are countless products designed to give existing cars more modern features. Dash cams are fairly popular, like the Roav models we previously reviewed.

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'Raven' adds dash cams, remote monitoring, and a customizable dashboard to any car

There are plenty of ways to extend the 'smart' functionality in your car. You can buy a dashcam, buy a Bluetooth adapter for the AUX port, use an OBD app to diagnose problems from your phone, or connect a tracking device. Raven, a new 'connected car system,' aims to integrate all of that into one single device.

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