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The Raspberry Pi 4 is powerful enough to run 'a complete desktop experience'

Raspberry Pi has quickly grown to become the go-to device for tinkerers, hobbyists, and developers alike. Over the years, the tiny computers have reached the attention of Android enthusiasts as well, with someone creating a DIY head unit for Android Auto. Google has turned its eyes to Raspberry, too, with it once planning to add the Pi 3 to AOSP. Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the latest iteration of its small device, the Pi 4 — which the company says is strong enough to replace a desktop.

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Guy builds a super cool RFID jukebox with his Google Home and Chromecast speakers

We can all yell at our Google Home to start playing something, but what if it was possible to choose our songs in some other super cool, super throwback way? hoveeman thought this through and built an awesome jukebox-style system for his Google Home and Chromecast speakers. Before I bore you with the technical stuff, check out the video below to see how things work. 

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Crankshaft turns a Raspberry Pi 3 and a touchscreen into an Android Auto head unit

Android Auto-compatible head units aren't too difficult to find these days, but they cost a pretty penny and usually won't fit properly in older cars. A developer created a solution called Crankshaft to address both of those issues, and all you need to make it a reality is a Raspberry Pi 3 and a touchscreen.

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Google Home and Android Things power these awesome Halloween trick or treat bowls

Halloween is over (sad face) but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy its nerdy tricks and its geeky treats. Google Home already has its own Halloween tricks, but if you're an awesome dad, you'd go above and beyond that. Case in point: this set of Halloween bowls rigged by tjudkinsYT and demoed by his daughter. He's using Android Things on a Raspberry Pi and his own unpublished Action on Google (hence the "getting the test version of Trick or Treat Bowl" you hear the nice Google lady say in reply) to trigger it through Assistant on his Home Mini.

The result is all so cute.

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AIY Projects' Google Assistant voice kit can now be pre-ordered from Microcenter

Earlier this year, AIY Projects partnered with Google to develop the 'Voice Kit.' Once assembled and connected to a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, you had your very own DIY Google Assistant smart speaker. Google even added support for the kit to its Android Things OS.

But there was one problem - the only way to buy the kit was by finding issue 57 of the MagPi Magazine, which included the kit. The demand was high as well; a reprint from earlier this month sold out in 17 minutes. Now that there definitely aren't any copies of #57 left, AIY has partnered with Microcenter to sell the Voice Kit in retail stores.

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Check out this 1986 home intercom turned into a DIY Google Home

I love seeing DIY projects that retrofit new hardware into old electronics. Some examples include converting an Apple II floppy drive into an external USB hard drive, and shoving a Raspberry Pi into the casing of a Commodore 64. Martin Mander shared his latest project on YouTube and Instructables - a 1986 home intercom with Google Assistant.

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Android Things Developer Preview 3.1 adds support for the AIY Projects Voice Kit

Google released the first Developer Preview for its new 'Android Things' operating system back in December, and the company has been improving it ever since. A minor update, Developer Preview 3.1, was released today with support for the new AIY Projects Voice Kit.

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Google Is Preparing To Add The Raspberry Pi 3 To AOSP, It Will Apparently Become An Officially Supported Device

The Raspberry Pi 3 appears to be on track to receive official AOSP support from Google. At least, that is the most obvious conclusion based on the fact that Google has created a code repository for it within the same directory that also includes the Nexus devices and generic source code.


The Raspberry Pi 3, the latest iteration of the cheap, simple, and small computer, is marketed as a device to promote more engagement with computer science and programming. It has also gained a great deal of support from DIY types, who have rigged them up for all manner of uses.

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