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All-new DJI Osmo Action camera on sale for $297 ($52 off) today only

Wanna create summer memories to get all wistful and nostalgic about later on in life? You might want a new camera. And not just the camera on your phone — we're talking about about sporty, crazy, action-packed goodness that can handle the roads you're riding, the waters you're treading, and much, much more. So, how about a new DJI Osmo Action camera? It's available at Rakuten right now for more than $50 off.

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Lenovo 8" Smart Display drops to $83 ($117 off) on Rakuten

Having a visual Google Assistant device in the kitchen is something I didn't know I wanted, but now it's hard to live without. There are a few options out there, but today's deal is one to consider. Rakuten members can score an 8" Lenovo Smart Display for a mere $83, a very nice $117 off the $200 MSRP.

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Google Nest Hub drops to just $65 (50% off) on Rakuten

The Google Nest Hub just keeps dropping... and dropping... and dropping. Last month the smart display could be found for just $68, nearly half off its original price of $129.99. Now you can get it for a few dollars cheaper, as it's available on Rakuten for $65.44.

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Google Nest Hub falls to a new low of $68 — nearly half off

Google's seven-inch Nest Hub — formerly Home Hub — is a great little addition to any Google-centric smart home. It functions as a control panel for all your connected gadgets, adds handy visuals to many Assistant tasks, and it might just be the world's best digital photo frame. Its price has continued to drop since the announcement of the larger Nest Hub Max, and right now, you can grab one for just $67.99 at Rakuten.

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Get a Google Home Hub with a free Home Mini for just $79 from Rakuten with code

Since launch, we've seen progressively better and better sales on the Google Home Hub, the company's first-party Assistant smart display. But this deal over on Rakuten is definitely one of the best ones yet. Right now, with a coupon code, you can get a Home Hub and a Home Mini for just $79. That's pretty good.

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Get a Google Home Hub for $74 ($76 off) at Rakuten

The Google Home Hub goes on sale very often, usually dropping a few dollars each time. If you've been waiting to buy one, it's currently available from the Rakuten Shop for just $73.95 a reduction of $76 from the original MSRP.

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See who's at the door with a Nest Hello for $166 ($63 off) with coupon

When I think of "smart home," one of the first brands that comes to mind is Nest. Renowned for its smart thermostat, the Google-owned company has ventured out into other product categories. Some haven't done so well, but one of the better ones is the Nest Hello, a doorbell camera. And right now, you can get one for yourself over on Rakuten for $165.74 with a coupon code, down from the usual $229 we see elsewhere.

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[Update: On sale again for $75] Get a Google Home Hub for just $76 ($73 off) today from Rakuten

The Google Home Hub has dropped in price steadily over the past few months, but discounts are usually short-lived. Now you can get Google's smart display for just $76, thanks to Rakuten's site-wide sale. That's $73 lower than the original price, and one of the best sales we've seen yet.

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Sony's WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth ANC headphones are $276 ($74 off) on Rakuten with code

Sony's 1000XM3 headphones are arguably the best product at its price point right now. Discounts were sparse in the months following its initial release, but they're starting to go on sale more often now. ProElectronics via Rakuten is currently offering these for $276.21 a pop, around $74 off, with a coupon code.

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Nest Thermostat 3rd gen is $173 ($77 off) at Rakuten with coupon code

Nest was the first smart thermostat company to hit the streets, and it's still the best in the biz. Its most recent offering in its Learning Thermostat collection, the third-generation model, is currently available from Rakuten via Altatac for $172.51 with a coupon code. This is even lower than Black Friday pricing.

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