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Puzzle-platformer Teslagrad is available on Android

Teslagrad was announced for Android back in September. At the time it was only available on the Play Store for pre-registration, and a release date was unknown. As of today the indie 2D Metroidvania is available for purchase. You can snag a copy right now for $4.89, which is a 30% discount off the planned retail price.

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Indie Metroidvania 'Teslagrad' is coming to Android, and you can pre-register right now

Teslagrad is one of those indie games I always heard about, but never actually took the time to play. It initially launched on Steam in 2013, and then it hit consoles in 2014. It's a Metroidvania-style 2D platformer with a steampunk setting, and you get to use your electromagnetic powers to help solve puzzles as you make your way up the long abandoned Tesla Tower. It's already listed on the Play Store if you'd like to pre-register right now, and you really should, since it will be available at a discounted price for those that do.

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