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Atypical Games releases Escape from Chernobyl, a continuation of its Radiation City open-world survival game

Atypical Games is probably best known for its Sky Gamblers air combat series, though it looks like its open-world first-person survival games are starting to get some attention on Android. Escape from Chernobyl picks up the story after the events in Radiation City, and it's your job to unravel the mystery previously left unsolved. So get ready to explore an accurately recreated Chernobyl power plant that's filled to the brim with zombies in this hauntingly gorgeous open-world survival game.

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Atypical Games releases ‘Radiation City’ beta, sequel to the massively popular ‘Radiation Island’

Radiation City is the latest release from Atypical Games and the follow-up to their popular Radiation Island open-world survival game. Just like the original, you can expect a deep survival experience akin to what you would expect from a console or PC game in the genre, all in a convenient mobile package. It is currently in an open-beta, and you can pick it up today for the sale price of $0.99 since it's still under development.

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