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[Deal Alert] Get a set of Samsung Level On Wireless headphones for just $99.99 ($100 off), plus a variety of other Samsung audio deals from Groupon

We've published quite a few Deal Alerts already today, and that trend isn't stopping. As fellow tech geeks, it's our sworn duty to inform you all about any great prices on technology we find out there. In case today's deals on other Samsung products, like the Gear 360 camera or Level U Pro wireless headphones, didn't tickle your fancy, we've got some more coming your way right now.

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[Review] Radiant Defense Is One Of The Best Tower Defense Games On Android Right Now

Alright, yes. The tower defense genre is flooded. Radiant Defense still deserves an honorable mention in the crowded field. The game, from the creators of Radiant HD, continues the neon-colored universe's traditions of quirky humor and colorful enemies. Curiously, though, it does not follow the previous game's 8-bit homage tradition. Still, we think it adds enough to the genre to be worth your time.

What's Different About This Tower Defense Game?

SC20120414-165820 SC20120414-165920

Left: Unmodified path; Right: Plenty of time to kill some aliens

If this game were exactly like all the others, it wouldn't be worth a mention. Radiant Defense feels a bit more like a grown-ups tower defense game, though.

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[New Game] Hexage, Creator Of Hit Game Radiant, Releases Radiant Defense, A Tower Defense Game In The Same Universe

Back in the day, Android games sucked. There were so few of them and the quality of most games was so awful that it was hardly worth playing. In those days, Radiant was a beacon of light in a cold, dark Market. It may be too soon for nostalgia, but color us excited when we saw Radiant Defense on the Play Store.

Yes, it's a tower defense game. Yes, you're probably sick of the genre. Thankfully, Hexage at least put in some effort to change up the gameplay to make things interesting. In addition to Radiant's familiar style of every color in the rainbow and then some, all glowing with an intensity that would make a rave blush, the developer has also added a mechanic that allows you to choose the paths your enemies follow, giving this game a bit more strategic opportunities than just picking your weapons, which becomes rote after a while.

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[Quick Hands-On] Radiant Particles Is My Favorite Live Wallpaper To Date - Simple, Beautiful, And Easy On The Resources

Generally speaking (and apparently like most Android owners), I love the idea of live wallpapers, but in practice, the cost (on the phone, not the wallet) is too high to stomach in return for a bit of show. For quite some time (probably about 6 months of my nearly 2 years with Android), though, I ran the absolutely awesome Mario Live Wallpaper. Until recently, that is - after roughly 3 months straight with it, I switched to a static wallpaper (specifically, this one) once more.

radpart1 radpart2

Until today, that is; this morning, I found an awesome new live wallpaper when the dev shared it on reddit.

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All Hexage Games 50% Off Until Monday

There's no question Hexage's Android games are state-of-the-art - in fact, EVAC was #1 on our list of non-Angry Birds games - but there are those of you reluctant to spend your hard-earned cash on a game for your phone.

In an effort to alleviate that stress, the game development firm has cut the prices of each and every one of its games in half until Monday, January 3rd. As a reminder, Hexage is the company behind the following games.


evac2 evac3

Everlands, Everlands Lite, and Everlands HD

screen (4) screen (12)

Totemo, Totemo Lite, and Totemo HD

image image

Buka, Buka Lite, and Buka HD

image image

Radiant, Radiant Lite, and Radiant HD

image image

It's worth noting that the discounted prices have yet to appear on AppBrain, so if you want to take advantage of them, you'll have to find the apps in the Market on your phone.

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