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Gamevil is bringing a Project CARS spin-off to mobile, and this is what it looks like

Project CARS is a popular motorsport racing simulator on PC and consoles, and apparently, the developer Slightly Mad Studios is teaming up with Gamevil to release an offshoot of the IP on mobile. It's currently going by the name Project CARS GO, which shouldn't be confused with Square Enix's Go series of puzzle games. Details are still very light, but if there is anything interesting about this announcement worth pointing out, it would be the fact that this is Gamevil's first foray into the racing game scene. Let's just say I'm a little trepidatious about this news.

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Make a quick getaway in ‘PAKO 2,’ the long-awaited arcade racing sequel from Tree Men Games

Tree Men Games had a runaway hit with their first car chase simulator Pako back in 2014, and after 4 years they are showing no signs of slowing down with their long-awaited sequel PAKO 2. It takes everything you loved about the original and cranks it up to eleven. This means better graphics, larger environments, new gameplay elements, and plenty of cars to collect. If you are a fan of GTA-style getaway driving, you are going to want to check this one out as soon as possible.

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Codemasters ports racing simulator F1 2016 from consoles to Android

There are more than a few racing games available on Android, but more technical racing simulators are a bit hard to come by. That's probably because mobile controls and hardware limitations don't appeal to developers (or players) hungry for painstaking accuracy. But today we get a new racing sim, from Codemasters no less - the developer of such franchises as GRID and Dirt, among many others. F1 2016, originally released on the PC and consoles in August, now has a full Android version on the Play Store for $10.

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