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Oppo’s new R17 could become the basis for the OnePlus 6T

You can usually get a good idea what OnePlus' next phone will look like by keeping tabs on Chinese smartphone maker Oppo. The two firms share the same parent company and quite a lot of design resources. The R15 was a dead ringer for the OnePlus 6, and the R11S was basically the OnePlus 5T. The new R17 may very well be the foundation upon which OnePlus builds the still-unannounced 6T, and that could be cause for excitement. This phone has a tiny screen notch, slim bezels, and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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For Developers: ADT 17 And SDK Tools r17 Previews Available For Download, Now With Network Usage, Fixed Proguard, Enhanced Lint, And More

In preparation for the upcoming final releases, the Android team today released ADT 17-preview (Android Developer Tools plugin for Eclipse) and SDK Tools r17-preview with the following improvements that eager developers can try out without waiting any longer.

What's New

Out of all the additions and changes, I'm mostly excited about the new network usage tool, the fix for the dreaded "Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1" error when trying to use Proguard (oh, how many hours I wasted on this one), and the end to default ids for various layout elements. Sweet deal.

Here's the full changelog:

New Features

  • DDMS can now show the live detailed network usage of an app (More Info)
  • ProGuard
    • Bundled ProGuard updated to version 4.7.
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