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Essential's head of UX quits to go work for Google

Andy Rubin's new tech company, Essential, hasn't had the greatest luck. After receiving a cease-and-desist from Spigen, missing its 30-day shipping period, and having two other key employees leave the company, Essential has now lost Liron Damir, its head of UX, to Google. Damir will be joining the Google Home team.

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YouTube's Music Project Manager Christopher LaRosa Leaves For A Startup Job, Striking Another Discord For The Upcoming Music Service

It seems like the only thing we hear about the upcoming YouTube music service as of late is how many problems it's having. Case in point: the Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube's product manager in charge of music, Christopher LaRosa, is leaving the company in favor of an as-yet unnamed startup. LaRosa's LinkedIn profile says he's worked at YouTube for over four years, and at Google for two years before that. Here's one of his personal highlights:

Lead a 100+ member cross-functional YouTube Music team of Engineering, Business Development, Legal, Communications, and Marketing colleagues worldwide.

As the Journal points out, he's the second person to leave the Music Project Manager position in a year, after Nikhil Chandhok.

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