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[New App] Quick Social Lets You Instantly Share To Facebook, Twitter, And Google+ (Or All At Once) Directly From The Notification Shade

Since the dawn of social networking, users have been looking for a way to share updates across multiple services at once. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any combination of the three, a new app called Quick Social is here to make sharing your thoughts across different networks incredibly easy.

Screenshot_2013-06-08-10-28-58 Screenshot_2013-06-08-10-29-06 Screenshot_2013-06-08-10-29-12

The concept of the app is simple: throw quick links to Facebook, Twitter, and G+ update boxes in the notification bar, so you can share on a whim. It supports both text and image sharing across all three networks, but for more "advanced" capabilities, you're still stuck using each respective network's app.

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