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Android N Developer Preview 4 kills the calculator quick settings tile (update: maybe not)

Introduced just two short months ago in Android N Developer Preview 2, the calculator quick settings tile has been removed in the latest N beta release. N Developer Preview 4 has killed the nascent shortcut, though it's unclear if it will be coming back in time for N's final release. The tile itself was actually, well, kind of lame - instead of doing what you'd think it would do and opening some kind of mini or floating mode for the stock Android calculator, it just straight up opened the full calculator app.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Super Subtle: Swipe Once To Close The Quick Settings Panel And Unlock Your Device From The Lockscreen

In case you haven't noticed, we love tiny details that make our everyday lives as Android users better. (And really, in case you didn't notice that, I'll show you the door — it's that X button next to the tab title up there in your browser.) Our friendly Android 5.1 tipster Ramit Suri loves them too, so much in fact that he noticed a teeny tiny detail on the lockscreen.

In Android 5.0, if you open the Quick Settings panel (henceforth referred to as QS) from the lockscreen, you would have to swipe the QS closed, then swipe again to unlock.

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