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YouTube Music v2.06 adds double-tap to seek and officially becomes available to tablets [APK Download]

Two frequently requested features were added with the release of the latest YouTube Music update. Version 2.06 brings with it the double-tap to seek feature from the main YouTube app, and perhaps just as importantly, it can now be installed to tablets directly from the Play Store and has a new tablet-oriented layout for the video player.

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YouTube v12.05 adds adjustable seek times for double tap to seek [APK Download]

Only four days ago, YouTube officially declared that the double-tap to seek gesture had become a part of the app, giving users the capability to quickly jump 10 seconds forward or backward in the timeline. Now the development team is topping their delivery with a little bit of user-configurability. The interval of the skip was originally locked to a strict 10 seconds, but you can now set your own from a handful of other durations. You'll need the latest update to the YouTube app, which began rolling out earlier this afternoon.

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YouTube v12.01 fine tunes an unruly seek bar, hints at video previews, event listings, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube began rolling out with a major new version today, making the leap to v12. You might be expecting some big features when the big number goes up by one, but this update doesn't appear to be packing anything too exceptional. There's a fix for an obnoxious interface issue, but that's about it for changes in the live interface. What's more interesting are a few upcoming items visible through the lens of a teardown. There are hints of a new video preview feature, listings for upcoming ticketed events, and even a few nuggets for the long-awaited Quick Seek and live broadcasting features.

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