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Quick reply support for Chrome on Android in testing

Quick replies were first introduced around two years ago with Android 7.0 Nougat, making it more convenient for everyone to respond to messages without having to open a new app for each one. Google is now testing quick replies for Chrome on Android, though the feature isn't yet accessible to any of us commonfolk.

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Tip: Replying to a notification in Android P no longer dismisses it, multiple replies are possible (Updated)

Android P DP1 introduced a lot of new features to messaging notifications like smart replies and inline photos, but there's one change that we didn't really notice until now. When you reply to a notification on Android P, it doesn't get dismissed immediately after, it stays there so you can send multiple replies and then dismiss when you want.

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[What year is it?] Microsoft Outlook updated with ability to sync drafts, more features coming soon to Android

Today, Microsoft has announced a slew of updates to its Outlook apps across all platforms, ranging from desktop and the web to mobile. Most of the new features are actually only live for the web and desktop for now, but the Android app is set to be updated too as early as May.

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Allo 2.0 adds direct replies, GIF keyboard support, direct share, and more [APK Download]

Allo received a mixed response when it was released a little over a month ago. Trying to switch your friends and family to yet another messaging client, especially one lacking in features (even compared to Google's other services), is difficult. Not long after its introduction, Allo's ranking tanked on the Play Store and App Store.

Can the first major update, version 2.0, be enough to convince people to switch? I doubt it, but I have to give Google some credit for trying.

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Newest version of Messenger in Android N greatly improves direct reply with mini conversation view

Direct reply is easily one of my favorite new features of Android N, and apps are actually being surprisingly quick to adopt it - Twitter and Facebook are already on board, along with Google Hangouts and Messenger. But the implementations we've seen to date are, in my opinion, a little less than optimal.

When I first saw direct reply, my first thought was: "Oh, great - mini conversations I can just have in my notification bar - no need to open the app!" Which seems like what Google was going for, but that Hangouts and Messenger didn't really initially accomplish.

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QuickReply Emulates N's Quick Reply Notifications, Available On Lollipop And Up

The quick reply notification feature in the Android N dev previews is a major new feature for Android, so it's not exactly a surprise that users on Marshmallow and Lollipop want the feature too. While hacky solutions from the Hangouts and Messenger apps aren't cutting it, there's another app that might: quickReply beta, from Jawomo, developer of the popular Floatify.

quickReply works in much the same way as other notification enhancement apps do - it taps into Android's notification access permission, then monitors incoming notifications. If a message is received, quickReply will interpret this and add its own buttons - 'Reply' and 'Direct' - into the expanded notification, alongside the original app's quick actions.

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Android N Dev Preview 2 Expands Quick Reply To The Lockscreen

Quick reply came to Android in the first Android N dev preview, allowing users to reply to notifications from the notification shade. Although not many apps support quick reply as of yet, Google has expanded the feature to the lock screen.

The notification will come in and arrive on the lock screen. It will not be expanded by default, so pull down on it slightly to expand, revealing 'Reply,' which will automatically draw down the notification shade, at which point 'Reply' can be tapped on and a message typed in.

GIF of lock screen quick reply.


The lock screen controls in N dev preview 2.

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Messenger 1.3 Treats Texters To Quick Reply And A New Widget [APK Download]

Messenger is Google's basic alternative to Hangouts for sending SMS messages, and today it has received an update bringing along a widely-requested feature. No reason to tease you about it. Let's jump in.

What's New?

Quick Reply is the ability to respond to a message without having to switch to the full app. Now when the notification comes in and you hit the reply button, you can tap out a response and go about your day.

However, the feature isn't without its drawbacks. The Quick Reply interface takes up the full screen, but it doesn't show you any of the message you just received.

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