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[Update x2: Will be fixed soon] 2016 Pixel XL owners experiencing issues with quick chargers after Android Pie update

Over the past few weeks, some owners of the 2016 Pixel XL have reported problems using quick chargers on Android P. For most of that time, Android P was still in beta, so bugs were to be expected. Unfortunately, issues with quick charging are still present in the final 9.0 release.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey 5 Port 50W/10A Wall Charger + 5 MicroUSB Cables For Just $15 On Amazon

Multi-port USB wall charging stations are my favorite new gadgets that I have purchased in the past year. Instead of having to charge devices throughout the house with individual chargers and a tangled nest of cords, I can now charge everything on my kitchen counter, or at my bedside. Beautiful.

We frequently post deals for five port chargers, but they almost never come with MicroUSB cables, leaving you to scrounge up your own, or make another purchase. Today's deal, however, is the complete package. Right now on Amazon, if you purchase an Aukey 5 port 50W/10A charger and a five pack of Auckey 20AWG MicroUSB cables in the same transaction, the cables are included for free – a $9 savings.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 10400mAh Portable Battery Just $20 After $10 Off Coupon Code

Portable batteries are great for juicing up your gadgets when away from a power outlet. The problem is, most battery powered chargers deliver electrons at a snail's pace. Fortunately, thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, there's a new crop of batteries that are both portable and fast. One of the better ones is Aukey's 10,400mAh battery, and right now you can pick one up for $20, a third less than the normal price.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 at 8.27.45 PM

Besides QC 2.0 technology, there isn't a lot to be said about the battery. It has one USB port, four LED charge level indicators, and a nice rounded aluminium shell.

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