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Qi Wireless Power Spec Update Adds 15-Watt Charging (And Hopefully It Won't Melt Your Phone)

When it comes to fancy ways to charge your fancy smartphone, the latest devices generally have two tricks up their sleeve: wireless charging and quick charging. The people behind the Qi wireless charging standard are hoping to have the best of both worlds. Today the Wireless Power Consortium (which includes members like Texas Instruments, Huawei, Nokia, Philips, and Logitech) announced that the latest version of the specification will support charging at a rate of up to 15 watts.

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Qualcomm Reveals Quick Charge 1.0 - Charges Your Phone 40% Faster, And You May Already Have It

Smartphones that charge slowly suck. And in a world where battery capacities are getting larger by the month, long charge times could become a legitimate gripe. But Qualcomm has apparently been on the case for quite a while now, quietly implementing a technology it calls Quick Charge 1.0 into some of its Snapdragon chipsets.

Quick Charge is actually a physical circuit built into the chipset that interfaces with the USB connector, so this isn't some kind of firmware voodoo.

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