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[Deal Alert] Aukey CC-T8 car charger with Quick Charge 3.0 is $9 (47% off) on Amazon after coupon

There aren't many car chargers that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Aukey's CC-T8 car charger has not one, but two QC3.0-compatible USB ports capable of an output of 2.4A each. Now you can get it for only $9 on Amazon after a special code.

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[Deal Alert] Grab an Aukey dual port Quick Charge 3.0 car charger for $12.99 ($7 off)

Christmas has come and gone and you're probably thinking who on earth a) still has money to buy anything and b) cares about car chargers enough to purchase one right now. But you'd be wrong. One, because many of you may have long car rides ahead of them on New Year's Eve or a day or two after, and two, because you've probably spent a lot of money purchasing gifts that you'd appreciate a nifty discount on an item that you already wanted to buy.

So this is the deal: the Aukey CC-T8 car charger is now down to $12.99 on Amazon. This is the one that has two QC3.0 ports and not just one regular port and one QC3.0 like the other charger we told you about a few days ago.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up a 2-port Aukey car charger with QC 3.0 for just 8 bucks after coupon on Amazon ($5 off)

As a community of tech addicts, we tend to be a bit more demanding of our phone's battery life than the average user. Because of this, we need to take advantage of every opportunity available to recharge our gear. A perfect time to top off the tank of the ol' smartphone is during the daily commute. If you are fortunate enough to have a short one (you lucky devil) then you need a car charger that can provide the much-needed juice in a hurry. 

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[Deal Alert] Save up to $10 on AUKEY chargers and a 20,000mAh battery at Amazon with promo codes

Amazon has a ton of obscure brands that sell shady, poorly-built products you should avoid; AUKEY is not one of them. I personally own a few AUKEY chargers and batteries, and I've been very satisfied with all of them. Now, through November 29th, AUKEY is handing out discounts for some of their products in the form of promo codes.

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[Deal Alert] Get an Aukey car charger with dual Quick Charge 3.0 ports for just $14.99 with a promo code ($5 off)

Car chargers have been available for years now, but most take excruciatingly long to fill phone batteries to 100%. However, if you've got $15 to spare, you can now grab an Aukey car charger with two USB ports, both of which are equipped with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology. (And just look at those orange accents!)

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[Review + Deal Alert] Aukey's 10 port USB charging station with dual QC 3.0 ports is perfect for five normal people or one Android Police reader

I've spent time with a lot of chargers since I began reviewing them a few months ago. I've seen one port, two port, five port, and even six port chargers. The charger I'm taking a look at today blows them all away, well at least in terms of the number of ports it has. This is one of Aukey's latest USB chargers, and it rocks a crazy 10 charging ports!

Eight of the ten ports are standard 2.4A adaptive ports, the other two, denoted by an orange-colored plug, are QC 3.0 ports, meaning they will give a speedy charge to any Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible devices (a cool guy I know made a list of phones that support QC 3.0, you can check it out here).

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[Review + Deal Alert] AUKEY's new 6 port charging station with 2 USB Type-C ports will charge all your things

Chargers and cords are not really sexy tech. I imagine they aren't your favorite things to read about – they certainly aren't my favorite accessories to write about. They are, however, very important because they give daily life to the gadgets we love.

Phones, tablets, smart watches, and Bluetooth speakers; they all need to be juiced daily. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one charger that could charge them all simultaneously – regardless of whether they charge via Micro USB, QC 3.0, or Nexus quick charge?

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MediaTek's Pump Express 3.0 Is Fast Charging Done Right Over USB Type-C Power Delivery

The dream is to have smartphone batteries that can last days upon days of use. The reality is that the more power-efficient our smartphones become, the more demanding we are, perpetuating the status quo of lousy battery life. The band-aid solution so far seems to be the speeding of charge times. Qualcomm has its Quick Charge technology, Oppo has its Super VOOC, ASUS has BoostMaster, and MediaTek has Pump Express. The latter just received a boost to version 3.0, marking the first time it uses USB Type-C Power Delivery instead of VBUS current modulation.

The first benefit of Pump Express 3.0 is that it significantly reduces overheating while charging by bypassing all circuitry inside the phone.

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[Nice] The LG G5 Supports USB Power Delivery Over USB Type-C In Addition To Qualcomm QC3.0

Remember that debacle over the LG G5 and HTC 10's support for Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 and how it meant that those phones weren't exactly compliant with the USB Type-C spec? Google engineer Benson Leung actually opened our eyes to the issue and explained that by its mere mode of operation, QC 3.0 raises Vbus above the 5V spec limit to 9V and 12V to get faster charging rates.

Well, it looks like LG has done something interesting in its G5. It doesn't just support Quick Charge 3.0, but it also supports the official USB Power Delivery 2.0 protocol. Gtrusted's engineers did the test and showed the analyzer traces in the image above: the G5 can charge with Google's Universal Type-C 60W Charger at 15 Watts (5V @ 3A) and 18 Watts (9V @ 2A).

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[Deal Alert] Anker Is Running A Sale On Loads Of Its Products In The US And Europe

Anker is running a pretty big campaign in celebration of their new Quick Charge 3.0 chargers with discounts on a ton of products and even smartphone giveaways. This isn't your typical deal alert: there are over a dozen different discounts for products across Amazon US and UK, with everything from chargers to battery packs to cables. The campaign is also running in Germany, and while there aren't any coupon codes for, the prices are comparable to the ones in the US and UK, so be sure to check the source link if you want to order something from inside continental Europe, too.

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