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Google releases The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience, a VR app in cooperation with Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody is, all told, a pretty cool song, so it only seems fitting it gets a VR experience recognizing its legendary status in music history. Google's released an app that's been developed in cooperation with Queen - that's Brian May and Roger Taylor, out of the four original members - and, as with many things Queen do, it's great.

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[Review] Magisto Is An Automatic Video Editor For Android That, Against All Odds, Doesn't Suck

One of the worst phrases a human being can put together is "automatic video editor." The whole thing feels like it's set up for failure. Like "vasectomy in a box" or "snooki's pregnant." Add in "for Android" and, well, let's just say I've been burned before. So it came as an unbelievable shock when I tried out Magisto, which claims to be both of these things, and it was good. I mean, really good. It doesn't offer you any control at all, but it does the job for the regular Joe or Jane in fantastic form.

How It Works

The process is stupid simple.

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Agent Dash Is A Secret Agent Themed Running Game, Has No Idea Who This James Bond Character Is

Remember when Angry Birds came out, and suddenly a ton of games popped up based on flinging things at other things in a physics simulation? Well, now it's the running game's turn to get a million "variants". Agent Dash is just the latest in a series of games that have come out centered around dodging stuff while your character continuously runs forward, apparently unable to slow down. The Eames-era style, though, certainly makes this one a looker.

If there's anything that can improve on the experience of running towards things, it's gotta be spy gadgets and jet packs, right? Agent Dash doesn't pile on a lot of extra crap.

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