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Samsung and LG warn of profit decline in fourth quarter as smartphone market stagnates

Turns out Apple is not the only company expecting to disappoint investors with its next set of quarterly results — Samsung and LG are in the same boat. Whether or not it's for precisely the same reasons is unclear, but it seems a plateauing smartphone market is at least partially to blame for all three companies' guidance misses. 

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LG made more money in Q3 as mobile losses shrink slightly

LG is a profitable company overall, reporting growing profits almost every quarter. However, LG's mobile division has been an anchor around the company's neck. LG mobile still isn't profitable in the just-released Q3 results, but the losses have lessened. LG thinks it can turn the corner and start making money on smartphones again, but it's not exactly within striking distance of that goal.

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LG announces a profitable Q2 despite continued losses in mobile

LG revealed its second-quarter results today, and the news is good overall. The company had sales of $13.9 billion (up 3.2%) and a profit of $715.1 million (up 16.1%). The profit is thanks to brisk sales of appliances and home theater equipment. However, LG's mobile division continues to lose money.

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Samsung posts third quarter earnings, Galaxy Note7 drags down mobile division

Samsung posted its earnings for Q3 2016, and it is not as pleasant as it was three months ago. For the period ending September 30, 2016, total revenue was 47.82 trillion KRW ($42.01 billion USD), a decrease of 3.87 trillion KRW ($4.57 billion USD) from this point last year. Without going too much further into the financial details (I get excited about financial results, okay?), we can all guess the reason for the decline. The IT & Mobile Communication Division is what dragged Samsung down, but its other divisions showed some good results. The Consumer Electronics Division's favorable sales in SUHD TVs and home appliances are especially of note in the report.

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