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LG reports lagging profits and continued mobile losses in Q1 2019

LG has released its latest quarterly results, and you're never going to guess what happened. It's getting to be an old story at this point: LG makes money, but the smartphone segment drags it down. That's the case with LG's latest Q1 2019 results.

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The Galaxy S10 sold well, says Samsung, despite the company's plummeting profits in Q1

Samsung has just released its first-quarter earning calls today, and its previously released profit warnings turned out to be true. The company made a total of KRW 6.2 trillion ($5.3 billion), which is about 60 percent less than last year's first quarter. However, Samsung says that its Galaxy S10 series still sold very well.

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LG's mobile unit loses $117 million in Q2 2017, blames it on poor LG G6 sales

LG has announced its second-quarter results for the 2017 and things don't look too good for the mobile division, yet again. While both the Home Appliance & Air Solution unit and the Home Entertainment unit have brought in profits ($412.5M and $303.8M, respectively), thanks to strong sales of fridges, washing machines, and OLED TVs, the Mobile Communications division continues to bleed billions of Korean won.

According to LG, the mobile unit had $2.39B in revenue, but the operating margin was again a loss of $117.27M. That's slightly less than last year's Q2 where the unit lost $132M largely due to the G5's mitigated reception.

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T-Mobile Passes Sprint To Become The Third Largest Carrier In The US with 59 Million Subscribers

T-Mobile and its bombastic CEO John Legere have been making waves in the US wireless industry, and consumers have been taking notice. According to the latest quarterly earnings report filed by T-Mo, the carrier is now larger than its competitor Sprint, making it the number three runner in America. T-Mobile claims 58.9 million subscribers in the US as of July, narrowly besting Sprint's reported number of 56.8 million from today. T-Mobile has added at least a million customers each quarter for the last nine quarters, and 2.1 million in the last three months.

In truth, T-Mobile may have actually passed this milestone some time ago.

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[Editorial] We Do Not Need 'Amazon Coins' (Or Any Virtual Currency)

The scene: a board room. Ominous and shrouded in mystery, all that can be seen is a long, black glass desk and on either side, twelve featureless chairs. In each sits a grumpy old person. The rest of the chamber is a dark, empty void. Out of the abyss a lone man appears, approaching the head of the table. He's adorned in blue jeans, a white dress shirt and a dark blazer. The brightest light in the room is the reflection on his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he says. "As you are no doubt aware, our earnings for last quarter were less than optimal.

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