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Firefox 60 Beta for Android includes faster Quantum CSS engine [APK Download]

The release of Firefox 57 'Quantum' last year included several major changes to the browser's structure, including a new CSS engine known as Quantum CSS (formerly called 'Stylo'). Simply put, Quantum CSS is the browser component that figures out what styles should be applied to what elements. Because modern sites often use thousands of lines of CSS with many overriding styles, the feature was designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores, giving Firefox 57 a performance boost over previous versions.

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Not all of Mozilla's 'Project Quantum' enhancements will arrive in Firefox 57 for Android

Firefox 57 is the browser's biggest update in years, for several reasons. The interface is being revamped, legacy add-ons are being dropped, and Firefox's rendering engine is getting a speed boost. If you were hoping for a much quicker browser on Android, you'll have to wait a while longer - not all of the speed enhancements will arrive on Firefox 57 for Android.

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