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Qualcomm's new X55 modem will make 5G phones thinner and more widely available... in 2020

While the first 5G smartphones won't even be on the market for months, Qualcomm isn't wasting any time announcing its next-generation 5G modem (yes, already), the Snapdragon X55. The X55 is, basically, going to be the first globally viable 5G modem on the market when it begins shipping at the end of 2019, because it's the first one to support all the various known incarnations of 5G and offer 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, and CDMA in a single chip.

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Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 712 debuts as an ever-so-slightly-faster 710

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 700 series sits in an odd place in the market, one we don't really see in the US. The not-quite-flagship SoCs don't have quite the oomph the 800 series does, but the differences are strong enough to pull it away from the more mid-range 600 series. The newly announced Snapdragon 712 has an interesting, in-between state itself: On paper, it's essentially a Snapdragon 710 with clock bump.

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Qualcomm to power more than 30 5G mobile devices in 2019, most being smartphones

5G is on track to replace "blockchain" as the peak inbox-filtering marketing buzzword of 2019. But before all these Gs at CES drive you into too much overload, we've got a few more related announcements to discuss, like the fact that Qualcomm expects to see "more than 30 commercial 5G mobile devices" land using company's hardware this year, and that the majority of them will be phones.

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The FTC antitrust suit against Qualcomm hinges on Huawei

Qualcomm is currently embroiled in an antitrust suit brought against it by the US Federal Trade Commission, which alleges the prolific chipmaker is using its favorable position to force equipment manufacturers to pay unfairly high licensing fees. Huawei, currently facing its own difficulties with the US federal government, is the FTC's unlikely key witness.

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Snapdragon 8cx is Qualcomm’s most powerful processor ever, but it’s not for smartphones

The Snapdragon 855 was fully revealed yesterday, but rumors that Qualcomm was holding back something even more powerful were just confirmed during a keynote presentation at the company’s tech summit event here in Hawaii. Snapdragon 8cx is its name, and it’s not the superpowered heart of your next smartphone - but it could be in your next laptop.

Core to the 8cx is Snapdragon on Windows, a multi-year initiative between Microsoft and Qualcomm to optimize Windows for ARM processors. While the first round of products wasn’t especially well-reviewed, it doesn’t seem like that partnership is slowing down. Snapdragon 8cx is the first product born of an independent effort at Qualcomm to produce a laptop chip, as opposed to a repurposed mobile platform, to take on Intel in the ultraportable space.

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Snapdragon 855: Specifications, details, release date, and more

Qualcomm described its new flagship Snapdragon 855 processor in detail today at the company’s annual tech summit event in Hawaii, and we’ve got the goods for you here. Below, you’ll find a table of basic processor specifications.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is the world’s first “real” 5G chipset

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 855 processor in Maui this morning as part of its annual tech summit event. No details about the chip have yet been revealed (other than it's faster and better than the last chip, which duh), but we expect that will change tomorrow, given the day’s keynote will have the 855 as its focus. What we do know is that the 855 will probably power the bulk of next year’s high-end smartphones (because what else would?).

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5G could make buying a phone a lot more annoying again - here’s why

5G is coming - at least to America. For all the very-understandable skepticism, it’s clear now that the US’s big four wireless carriers are deeply committed to launching 5G, and they’re in a network arms race to be the first to deliver on the promise of the next generation cellular technology. And it could make buying your next phone a lot more annoying.

If you can remember way back to the dark days of 2011 and 2012, when 4G (commonly known in the US as LTE) was just getting its start, something happened on US carriers. And that something was, by and large, very bad.

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Qualcomm will now have to license standards-essential patents to competitors on reasonable terms

Last year, the FTC filed suit against Qualcomm for its patent licensing, alleging that the company wasn't giving competitors fair terms for standards-essential patents owned by the company. In what will likely prove to be a benefit to companies and consumers alike, yesterday the judge in the suit granted a motion for partial summary judgment, requiring that Qualcomm license those standards-essential patents to other chipset manufacturers under reasonable terms.

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The layman's guide to 5G: What should we expect from the first 5G smartphones?

5G is coming soon, but if you still have no idea what it is, or why it matters, then you're not alone. It isn't easy to gain a clear understanding of the subject — most explanations on the net end up being half vague marketing jargon and half complex technical details. That's why we're adding a new entry to our layman's guide to 5G in anticipation of the first 5G smartphones and networks in 2019.

Of course, Keegan Michael Key's recent verbal explainer on the subject covers a fair amount on the topic — "It's one better than 4G, and it's two better than 3G" — but in case you want a bit more detail, we'll attempt to set out what you can expect from this new era of wireless, in the clearest terms possible.

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