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Qualcomm offers up to $15,000 in bug bounties for Snapdragon chipsets

If you want to find weaknesses in your vault or safe, it couldn't hurt to hire a thief to try and break into it. If you want to do the same thing for your brand new system-on-a-chip, the same principle applies to hackers and security experts. So goes the thinking behind Qualcomm's latest outreach to the security industry: a bug bounty program offering prizes of up to $15,000 for disclosed vulnerabilities in the company's Snapdragon chipsets and LTE modems.

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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 835 and Quick Charge 4, compatible with USB Power Delivery

The march of chipset progress goes on: Qualcomm announced this morning that its new Snapdragon 835 chipset is on the way, utilizing Samsung's new 10 nanometer fabrication process, as well as the latest generation of its Quick Charge technology. Qualcomm did not share many details about its newest flagship processor, only claiming unspecified increases in speed, efficiency, and a reduction of physical space used by the chip (all at least partly a result of the switch from 14nm to 10nm). Qualcomm says Snapdragon 835 devices will be arriving on the market in the first half of 2017. Number of cores and other improvements were not disclosed - this appears to be a strictly preliminary announcement.

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Qualcomm to acquire NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion

Qualcomm has announced that it plans to acquire NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion USD, including debt, which will be the largest semiconductor deal ever. NXP, for those of who don't know, is a large player in the automotive, IoT, and security chips market. For reference, its chips are behind 14 of the top 15 most-popular infotainment systems. 

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Qualcomm says it made a device with its partners that reaches gigabit LTE speeds, also a 5G modem

Together with Australian network Telstra, Ericsson, and Netgear, Qualcomm announced today at the 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong that it has developed the first device that can reach gigabit LTE speeds. The resulting product, the NETGEAR Mobile Router MR1100, is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16, the first modem with gigabit LTE class speeds, which was announced back in February. As a bonus, Qualcomm has also announced the first modem that can reach 5G speeds, the X50.

The network which will use the device, Telstra, will now conduct "comprehensive device, network and user testing," preparing for a commercial launch in the coming months on its gigabit network, which is developed by Ericsson.

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Qualcomm announces three new mid-range Snapdragon chipsets: 653, 626, and 427

Qualcomm, one of the world's most renowned mobile chipset manufacturers, has just announced three new chipsets in its Snapdragon 600 and 400 tiers: the 653, 626, and 427. Sure, these aren't as exciting as a flagship 830 would be, but the mid-range market is huge for Qualcomm. The San Diego-based company has actually made some fairly interesting improvements with these new pieces of silicon.

The 653, 626, and 427 all receive a new X9 LTE modem and support for Quick Charge 3.0 and dual cameras. This X9 LTE supports Cat 7 downlink speeds of up to 300MBps, and Cat 13 uplink speeds of up to 150Mbps (up to 50% better than the X8 LTE's uplink speeds).

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Qualcomm is filing actions against Meizu in US, Germany, and France

Back in June, Qualcomm filed a patent complaint in China against Chinese phone manufacturer Meizu. They had claimed that Meizu used several of Qualcomm's patents related to 3G and 4G communications without licensing them. Qualcomm claimed they tried to enter negotiations with Meizu before taking legal action, but were not able to reach an agreement.

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Qualcomm announces Clear Sight tech for better low-light photos with dual cameras

Android manufactures have flirted with dual rear cameras for years. Previously it was for quasi-3D tech (see the ill-fated HTC EVO 3D), then for tricks like enhanced bokeh effects (see the slightly less ill-fated HTC One M8 and others), and now phones like the LG V20 are combining different lenses for different applications. Qualcomm hopes to capitalize on this trend with its Clear Sight dual camera processing tech.

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Qualcomm releases details for the Snapdragon 821, the processor likely to power the upcoming Sailfish and Marlin phones

Qualcomm's latest generation Snapdragon 821 chipset was announced back in July, but details have remained scarce until now. Today, Qualcomm has shared a lot more information on what we believe will likely be the processor that powers the next generation of Google's flagship phones.

In addition to having CPU speeds of up to 2.4 GHz, we now know that the GPU on the Snapdragon 821 is an Adreno 530 running at 653 MHz, representing a 5% bump over the same chip on the Snapdragon 820. Qualcomm has also revealed that the new 64-bit processor will allow for 10% shorter boot and app launch times and a 5% lower power consumption when compared to the 820.

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ASUS says there's a Snapdragon 821 variant of the ZenFone 3 Deluxe on the way

Asus already has three different versions of the ZenFone 3 planned in fast food-style denominations: vanilla, Deluxe, and Ultra. The Deluxe is the highest-specced version ("Ultra" is about a bigger screen, not better specs), as it's equipped with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 820 processor. Of course that's no longer the latest and greatest: Qualcomm announced the even faster Snapdragon 821 just yesterday. Not to be outdone, a new version of the ZF3 Deluxe has been announced via a Taiwanese press release.

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[Review + Deal Alert] Aukey's 10 port USB charging station with dual QC 3.0 ports is perfect for five normal people or one Android Police reader

I've spent time with a lot of chargers since I began reviewing them a few months ago. I've seen one port, two port, five port, and even six port chargers. The charger I'm taking a look at today blows them all away, well at least in terms of the number of ports it has. This is one of Aukey's latest USB chargers, and it rocks a crazy 10 charging ports!

Eight of the ten ports are standard 2.4A adaptive ports, the other two, denoted by an orange-colored plug, are QC 3.0 ports, meaning they will give a speedy charge to any Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible devices (a cool guy I know made a list of phones that support QC 3.0, you can check it out here).

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