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Google releases Android Things OS 1.0 for smart displays, speakers, and other IoT devices

Android Things is a minimal version of Android, intended to power Internet of Things devices (like smart appliances). The first Developer Preview was released at the end of 2016, and new versions have come out steadily since then, most recently with Preview 8.

Today, Google is releasing the completed Android Things 1.0 build. This is the first long-term support release, intended for use on finished consumer products. For example, Android Things will power all upcoming Google Assistant Smart Displays, as well as various smart home speakers and other products.

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Qualcomm and Rockchip announce new platforms for Android Things OS

Android Things is the name of Google's edition of Android specifically designed for Internet-of-Things devices (IoT). The first version was made available at the end of 2016, and the first long-term support version is expected to be released sometime this year. Back in May, MediaTek announced that it was making hardware specifically for Android Things, and now two other companies are following suit.

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