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Qualcomm to pay BlackBerry almost a billion dollars in post-arbitration final award

The final quantity in Qualcomm's arbitration with BlackBerry has been determined. In previous coverage of the arbitration settlement, the quantity owed by Qualcomm to BlackBerry for overpayment of royalties was pegged at $814 million. Now that interest and attorneys fees have been added in, the total amount to be paid out has been set at $940 million. That's almost a billion dollars that Qualcomm has to pay BlackBerry by May 31st.

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Qualcomm ordered to pay out nearly a billion dollars to BlackBerry over royalty dispute

News of Qualcomm's string of lawsuits continues, this time through an arbitration result in a disagreement between the chipset maker and BlackBerry. BlackBerry alleged that they were overpaying Qualcomm for royalties.

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