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Chrome 84 brings new dino-themed QR codes to Android and desktops

We've known about Google Chrome's quick page-sharing through dino-themed QR codes since last year. After an initial release in Canary and more development, the feature is now finally available in the latest stable version of Chrome, 84. It's working properly on both Android and desktops, but you'll need to manually enable the flag to get it going.

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Chrome is working on a new share menu with QR code generator and screenshot editor

Android's story with the share menu is long, messy, and complicated. Things have gotten relatively better in Android 10, but that hasn't stopped some app developers from implementing a non-native share sheet. This is especially true for Google's own apps, like Photos, YouTube, Maps, and News. Chrome might soon join the fray with its own sharing hub.

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Opera Mini Adds New Language Selector, QR Code Reader, And More

I love Opera Mini, not just because of its light size and data saving features, but also because the app keeps getting updated frequently with new things to check out.

This last update for example adds a QR reader and generator to the browser so that you can scan any QR code you might come across and immediately go to the linked page, or create codes to share with nearby users or online. I haven't been seeing lots of QR codes around me lately, but in the 1 or 2 instances where I came across them, I wished I could scan them easily.

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