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Anker's 60W PowerPort Atom III USB-C charger is $28 ($12 off) in one-day sale

In the market for a new charger with enough oomph to power your laptop? Anker's got you covered. The PowerPort Atom III can push up to 60 watts, just one watt shy of Apple's standard MacBook Pro charger. At a sale price of $28, though, it costs less than half as much.

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[Deal Alert] Tylt Offering 50% Off Its Selection Of Chargers, Cables, And More With Coupon Code (Up To $100 Limit)

If you're in the market for some stylish new accessories, Tylt has a Cyber Monday deal for you. The company is offering a whopping 50% off everything it sells, including the VU wireless charger. However, there have been some issues with stability as the site gets hammered today, so you can also submit your email to be issued a 50% off voucher for use in the future.

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Tylt has a healthy assortment of cables, external batteries, cases, and other stuff. It's a bit more expensive than competing gear, but that's why the 50% off deal is so cool. The VU charger is admittedly pretty neat, but costs $70.

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Nexus Wireless Charger (2013) Review: You Get What You Pay For

Google is in the habit these days of selling extremely well-priced mobile devices like the new Nexus 5, but the same cannot be said for the accessories. Cases and chargers are all more expensive from the Play Store than the third-party alternatives, but sometimes it's worth the cost. Last year's Nexus wireless charger was one of the few Qi-compatible units out there, but the same cannot be said this year. Google's updated Nexus Wireless Charger comes in a little cheaper than last year's at $50, and it has some cool features. Let's see how it stacks up.



The Nexus charger is tiny, I mean it's really tiny.

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Google's New Nexus Wireless Charger, Red/Yellow N5 Bumpers, And Black/White QuickCases Are On Sale In The US Play Store [Update: Canada Too]

Google made a big deal out of the Qi-compatible wireless charger last year, but it took months to finally arrive. This year Google's updated Nexus Wireless Charger is making its entrance in a much more timely manner. You can order it right now and it'll ship on or around November 22nd.


The Nexus charger is compatible with all recent devices with Qi technology – the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and 2013 Nexus 7. Unlike the last wireless charger from Google, this one is flat and parallel with the surface it sits on. The orb was, well, an orb.

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The charger only comes in black and weighs 105g.

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[CES 2013] The First Thing At CES I Actually Want: The TYLT Vu, A Wireless Qi Charger That Doesn't Suck

Wireless charging is awesome, but wireless chargers blow. They are so finicky. I have a Nexus 4 and an LG wireless charger, so I know all about this first hand: Take your wireless charging phone, put it on your wireless charger, and it charges, right? Well, only sometimes. The charging coil in the phone and in the charger need to be lined up just right for the power flow to happen. Move the phone 1 mm off center and it stops charging, bump the table it's on and it stops charging, breathe on it funny, and it stops charging.


7YL7 TYLT solves this pretty simply with a charge they call the "TYLT Vu." It has multiple charging coils in the charger, so there really is nothing to line up with.

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