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Fossil Q Control review: A good smartwatch, but not a good value

At this point, Fossil is probably pushing Android Wear more than any other company. It's continuing to release smartwatches under many of its brands, including Skagen, MisfitKate Spade, Michael Kors, and others. The third-generation Fossil Q watches first went on sale in September of last year, with the most notable improvement being the fully round screens (as opposed to the 'flat tire' displays that older watches used).

Another third-generation Fossil Q watch arrived in November of last year - the Q Control. It's the first sports-oriented smartwatch under the Fossil brand, and its design stands out from the company's other watches.

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[Update: Gen 3 as low as $151] Deal alert: Fossil Q Gen 3 smartwatches are 30% off ($178+), Gen 2 watches 50% off ($137)

Fossil has been making smartwatches with Android Wear for a while now, under the 'Fossil Q' brand. The third generation of Q watches have been available for a few months, and now you can get any of them for 30% off from Fossil's website, and a few second-gen watches are on sale too.

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Fossil Q Control smartwatch now on sale for $275

Fossil unveiled two new smartwatches back in September, the Q Venture and Q Explorist. Unlike the company's previous watches, they had a fully round display (no 'flat tire,' like the Moto 360). Now Fossil has released another model aimed at sports use, called the 'Q Control.'

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