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3D puzzle adventure The House of Da Vinci 2 is out on the Play Store

The House of Da Vinci is a well-received, crowd-funded puzzle adventure game that lets you take the role of Leonardo da Vinci's promising apprentice. After your master's disappearance, you have to comb through his house to find clues on what happened to him. Four years after the original title, the Slovakian indie studio Blue Brain Games has now released the aptly-named follow-up on the Play Store, The House of Da Vinci 2. It follows mostly the same successful mechanics from the first title, only this time, you're going to travel through time to observe a "series of mysterious events that led to the greatest discovery in human history."

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Google I/O 2020 confirmed for May 12-14 (Updated)

Every year at about this time, Google does a cryptic teaser to announce the dates for its I/O developer conference, usually happening in the late spring. Last year, Till Kottmann, one of the developers behind the popular Lawnchair Launcher, cracked the puzzle in record time by circumventing it entirely. This year Google is tweaking the formula a bit, turning the teaser into a forced collaborative effort inside a highly technical puzzle/game.

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Layton’s Mystery Journey is on the Play Store, and yes, you'll have to pay for quality

Anyone familiar with Level 5's Nintendo DS and 3DS puzzle adventure game series Professor Layton should be pretty ecstatic to hear that a full-fledged sequel, Layton’s Mystery Journey, is available on the Play Store today. You'll need to pony up $15.99 in order to download the title, but that's actually a deal when you consider that the 3DS version will cost more than twice as much.

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Shadowmatic is a gorgeous puzzle game of space and silhouettes

Simple, straightforward puzzle games are du jour on mobile platforms, but that doesn't mean they can't be visually impressive. Shadowmatic from developer Triada Studios is a great example. This puzzler uses basic principles of light and spatial arrangement as elements of its brain-teasers, challenging players to correctly align floating objects and create perfect silhouettes. The game is also visually stunning, using its 3D lighting effects and an essential element of the gameplay.

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Super adorable and smart puzzler Splitter Critters debarks on the Play Store

I have a weakness for adorable puzzlers. Mix some colorful environments, smart gameplay mechanics, and a cute creature that makes hilarious sounds, and I'm smitten for hours. That said, it's a miracle that I was even able to put my phone down to write this post. Splitter Critters is just kryptonite for me. As Alex and Penny would say, "OMG cute, so cute, supa cute(...) Suh cyuht!"

You're in charge of those small adorable blue critters in Splitter Critters and you need to guide them back to their spaceship. They're alien critters and they seem to be lost, it's just your duty as a human to help them.

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Imprint-X brings a captivating and relaxing puzzle-solving experience with a focus on memory and pattern recognition

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days. While the age-old formula might seem tired at this point, along comes Imprint-X. This game focuses on timing, memory, and pattern recognition to solve its button-based puzzles, which is a nice change of pace. It is receiving a cross-platform release today.

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Mediocre's Latest Game, DIRAC, Is A Scientific Take On Connect The Dots

Developer Mediocre knows that science makes for great gameplay. The small team has already produced popular titles such as Sprinkle and Smash Hit that utilize physics in ways to give each title its own unique and compelling experience.

DIRAC, Mediocre's latest release, is straightforward about its inspiration. The game's name comes from Paul Dirac, a prominent theoretic physicist who died in 1984, having long before shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Erwin Schrödinger in 1933.

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A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build But You Can Still Give It Your Best Shot

There's nothing more heartwarming in the middle of a snowy winter than getting together with your family or friends to build a snowman. You can always count on the experience to throw you into a time machine and make you feel childish and innocent again. And the snow fights, man the snow fights! The joy of landing a big compact snowball smack in the middle of your target! Is there anything better?

But I digress. Snowy seasons aren't prevalent all year round in every corner of the world, so if you want to relive that pure joy while still enjoying a brain teasing game, A Good Snowman should fit the bill.

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Beautiful, Atmospheric Puzzle Game 'Prune' Springs Forth From The Play Store

Prune is a game about planting trees, and I'm sure you think that sounds super-duper boring, but it's really not. With a swipe you can plant a tree and watch it grow toward the light. Only with your careful pruning can it grow large enough to sprout flowers and unlock the next botanical challenge.

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Framed From Noodlecake Studios Is A Gritty Comic-Style Puzzler Where You Control The Story

There was a heist (presumably) and you're on the run. Will you be caught or get away scot-free? That's entirely dependent on how you arrange events in Framed. This game looks incredibly polished and I can't say I've ever seen anything like it.

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