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[Hands on] Puzzle Fighter, a free-to-play tile-matching multiplayer game that actually isn't half bad

I have been waiting for years to see an official Puzzle Fighter game come to Android. When I first heard the game was finally in development, I have to say I had quite a few trepidations that Capcom would turn the game into yet another free-to-play shell of a once great tile-matching multiplayer game. While my concerns were valid seeing that it is indeed a free-to-play release chock full of in-app purchases, loot boxes, and multiple currencies, the puzzle-based multiplayer gameplay hasn't actually been altered all that much.

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Capcom is finally releasing a new Puzzle Fighter game, and it's coming to Android later this year

It would appear that Capcom has been listening to its most die-hard fans as it's finally bringing us a new game in the Puzzle Fighter series. Capcom Vancouver is developing it, and it's going to be a mobile only release. If you're worried about a western studio developing what was originally a very Japanese looking and feeling game, or the fact that this is strictly a mobile only release, well, I am sad to say that your fears are warranted.

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Put your chef hat on, Square Enix's 'Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen' is ready to be served

All of you foodie fans out there may want to take a look at Square Enix's newest game released onto the Play Store today. It is titled Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen, and it delivers an anime themed food assembly puzzle game with a light side serving of town building mechanics.

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Old Man's Journey rambles onto the Play Store for $5

Old Man's Journey is billed as a game about life, loss, and hope. It is also a mixture of point and click adventuring and environmental puzzle solving. Throughout this expedition, you will be using touch controls to manipulate the environment in order to direct the old man forward.

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Crosswords With Friends is Zynga's newest "with friends" game

People Magazine and Zynga have teamed up to create the next "with friends" game. It is titled Crosswords With Friends and it is clearly a crossword game that focuses on People Magazine's bread and butter of entertainment, celebrity, and sports news. Each day a different puzzle with a new theme will be pushed to the app. That means you will receive 365 crossword puzzles a year. A lofty challenge indeed!

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Daydream puzzle-adventure game Lola and the Giant comes to Android with a companion app

Dust off your Daydream headset once again, as there is a new game out on the platform. Climax Studios has recently released Lola and the Giant as a Daydream exclusive. This is a puzzle-adventure game that plays out in a third and first person view. There is even a companion app for non-VR users to join in on the adventure. Without further ado, let's dive in and see what this title has to offer?

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Along Together is a new puzzle adventure game for Daydream

Slowly but surely new Google Daydream VR titles are trickling out. Along Together is the latest release on the platform. It is a puzzle adventure game where you play the role of a kid's imaginary companion. Your job is to guide them through their journey of finding a lost friend.

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To no one's surprise, Disney has released a Star Wars themed match-3 puzzler

I don't know why, but apparently every franchise out there just has to shoehorn its name onto a match-3 puzzle game. We get it, Candy Crush made a ton of money, but can we please move on from this tired genre already? Sadly, it would appear that Disney thinks not. In their latest attempt to cash in on the property they have released Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, a match-3 puzzle game.

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Noodlecake Studios brings us Lumino City, an award winning handcrafted puzzle adventure game

State of Play Games and Noodlecake Studios have teamed up to bring the BAFTA award winning puzzle adventure game Lumino City to Android. You can pick it up today and it is even on sale. That is right, for its first week the game is launching at the price of $2.99, after which it will go back up to $4.99.

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New Archer, P.I. game allows you to solve cases alongside the FXX show

In preparation for Archer's newest season Dreamland premiering on April 5th, (on a new network no less) FXX has just released a tie-in game that will allow you to hunt for clues within the private investigator themed show. While Archer, P.I. is available for download today, you will have to wait for the first episode of Dreamland to air in order to jump into the meat of this release.

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