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Joaomgcd's Join Can Send SMS Text Messages From Any Browser, No Extension Required, After Latest Update

When Pushbullet introduced its pro plan, some folks walked away upset. For some of them, Join from Tasker-plugin maker extraordinaire Joaomgcd was just the ticket. The service doesn't quite stack up feature per feature, but it does a decent job of handling the basics.

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[Hands-On] Join Is A Neat Beta Pushbullet Alternative From Joaomgcd

Around the Android corners, joaomgcd is known for his automation tools, most of which rely on heavy Tasker integration and require a level of tinkering that most of us lazy people can't bother with. So when Joao released his new app Join and the featureset seemed to closely mirror Pushbullet's upon close inspection, I was intrigued. Not just because of Pushbullet's latest switch to Pro plans, but because the main selling point of the service was its simplicity. That has not been Joao's strong suit — at least through a newbie's eyes, his apps always seemed a little too overwhelming.

So could Join break the mould and stand out as a capable and simple alternative to Pushbullet?

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