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Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T coming to US November 15th — also, thunder isn't purple

At launch, the OnePlus 6T was a sadly monochromatic affair. You could have any color you wanted, so long as it was black (in either matte or glossy). So if you were waiting for some more fun options — as the company is historically known to have — your watch is nearly over. OnePlus has just revealed that its Thunder Purple color for the OnePlus 6T is coming to the US and Europe on November 15th.

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Google Keep adds 4 new note colors [APK Download]

Call this a teaser or a weird rollout that hit one platform before another... or just typical Google behavior. Google Keep is showing users 4 new possible color options for notes, for a total of 12, but only on the desktop version. If you're using Keep on Android, even if you're on the latest v3.4.881, you get none of these and you still only see 8 colors.

The 4 new colors are dark blue, purple, pink, and some sort of light brown.

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Cortana app now available in the UK after a user interface refresh in version 2.0

We haven't heard much from Microsoft's Cortana, the voice assistant that's built into Windows 10 and available in app form on Android and iOS, in a while. Amazon and Google, with their respective Alexa and Assistant/Home brands, have been far more vocal in the last few months. Today the Cortana app gets its first major update in the better part of a year. And in a move that probably should have come a lot sooner, the mobile version of Cortana is now available in the UK.

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Google Pays Tribute To Prince, Colors Play Music Purple And Designs A Custom Google Doodle

By now, you'll probably have heard that Prince died yesterday in his home in Minnesota at the age of 57. Today, Google is paying tribute to him with a 'Purple Rain' Google Doodle and by colouring Google Play Music's usually orange branding purple for the day.

Purple Rain was Prince's sixth studio album, as well as the last song on the record and also his debut film. Ever since, purple has been associated with Prince (he painted his rented house purple in 2006), so it is very fitting that Google has chosen to honor him in this way. It's a pity the Android version of Play Music hasn't gone purple for the day, though - the Android app surely gets more usage than the web version.

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[Colorful Deal Alert] Wirefly Has Sprint's Red HTC One For $49.99 And The Purple Galaxy S4 For $139.99, New Accounts Only

Lately Sprint has done its best to become an attractive option for people who love flamboyant high-end phones. Shortly after revealing the Galaxy S4 in Purple Mirage, the company announced that it would be the exclusive carrier of the red HTC One. Tempted? Now's a good time to jump on either handset, as Wirefly has discounts on both.

The Red HTC One costs just $49.99 for new customers, and as a bonus, the $36 activation fee is waived. But current customers have to pay $119.99 for an upgrade and the $36 activation fee.


As for the Purple Galaxy S4, it costs a pricier $139.99 with a new account, but the activation fee is still waived.

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Sprint Announces The Purple Mirage Galaxy S4, On Sale Today In Stores, Online On August 16th

School's about to start, and nothing goes with that new backpack quite like a Galaxy S4 rocking a dazzling shade of purple. No longer will Sprint customers have to sacrifice power and functionality for the sake of fashion. Especially considering that the Moto X's customization will initially only be available to AT&T customers, the Purple Mirage Galaxy S4 is about as vibrant an option as a Sprint customer looking for a high-end phone is going to have anytime soon.


The phone is available today in stores, but it won't be available online for a couple of days. Eager customers can turn to the Sprint website come August 16th.

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[Update: Release Date] CES 2012: Verizon Wireless And Motorola Announce The Beefier Droid RAZR MAXX And The Original Droid RAZR In Purple


Verizon Wireless and Motorola just took the wraps off the new Droid RAZR - the Droid RAZR MAXX, a familiar name we saw leaked a few weeks ago. The RAZR MAXX contains the following changes compared to the original:

  • A beefier battery with an unknown at the moment capacity. What we do know is that it allows for more than 21 hours of talk time on a single charge. Update: It's 3,300 mAh.
  • The MAXX is 8.99mm thin compared to the original RAZR's 7.1mm.
  • The press release specifies 32GB total storage, but it's not obvious whether that means 32GB on-board or 16+16, like on the original RAZR.
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