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Gmail app gets purchase and flight summary cards, like it has on the web

A familiar-looking feature is starting to appear in the Gmail app for Android and iOS. Spotted in the last week or so, and confirmed by 9to5Google, a new card-based summary of things like purchases and flight details is now appearing just beneath the subject line of emails, sort of like it does on the desktop/web version of Gmail.

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Google Assistant starts consolidating all your reservations and purchases in one place

It seems that every couple of weeks, there's a change to the way information is displayed in Google Assistant, its Explore page, or its Settings. When it comes to the latter, we've seen an empty Purchases pageintegrated Reminders, and a link to your Stocks page that came and disappeared. Today, there's something new showing up: Reservations (as discovered by Cody in a teardown not so long ago). Plus we have some updates on that empty Purchases page.

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Google Assistant gets a dedicated Purchases page

A few weeks ago, Cody uncovered signs that the Google Assistant settings would get a new page dedicated to Purchases. Now the page is live for all of us at Android Police.

If you head over to the Assistant settings or to the Google Home app and tap More settings in the side menu, then scroll down, you'll see a new Purchases option between Shopping list and Shortcuts. It's there on all of our devices, so this seems to be a wide rollout. However, since the page is dedicated to purchases made through Assistant, none of us can see anything in it.

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Android Messages v3.0 drops KitKat support, prepares notification improvements, more on purchases and enhanced chat features [APK Teardown]

Android Messages just hit version 3.0. While hitting a new major version number might be an occasion for big things in some apps, this one appears to be a simple incremental step up from version 2.9. While there aren't any immediately obvious changes on the surface of this update, there are some things happening under the hood. It looks like support for KitKat has been dropped with this update, leaving behind about 12% of previously supported Android devices. There are also clues about changes to notifications about pictures and videos, enhanced chat features, and making purchases.

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Google app v7.22 beta prepares page for purchases through Assistant, revised search widget editor, and more [APK Teardown]

Google has begun rolling out the latest update to its signature search app to the beta channel. Version 7.22 appears to be a bit less ambitious than most recent updates, as existing features don't seem to be changing and most of the upcoming features aren't getting any major changes. Actually, most of the teardown is about follow-ups to things we've already known about. Nevertheless, there are new topics to discuss, so let's get right into it.

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Word Lens Knocks Language Pack Pricing Down To $2.99 To Celebrate The Olympic Games

Word Lens, the sometimes jittery but generally impressive visual language translator, is getting in the Olympic spirit. For a limited time, the language packs—which are acquired via in-app purchases to unlock full translation support—are being offered for $2.99 per pack, which is $2 off the normal price of $4.99. Huzzah!

It comes at a particularly poignant time. As the Olympic games get underway and the world remembers there's more that the nations of earth do together than wage war and make gadgets, Word Lens can be helpful in breaking down the language barrier and acting as a catalyst for that type of international camaraderie.

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Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion, Facebook's Largest Acquisition Ever

Break out your Dr. Evil jokes, if you've got any left. Facebook just announced that it will be acquiring Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app and recent addition to the Play Store family, for a cool billion dollars. You read that right. With a "b". Billion. To answer all the critics who were wondering what's so cool about Instagram: a billion dollars.

Instagram assures us in a blog post on the subject that the app will stay the exact same as it always has been. Except better. But still the same. It remains to be seen just what Facebook will do with Instagram.

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