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Samsung Members had a d*** pic on its front page for several hours

The Samsung Members app may not be your go-to destination for R-rated content, but for several hours today, it could've done the job just fine. A member posted his, erm, member for other members to see. Given the intriguing nature of the post, it grew enough in popularity that it popped up on the app's front page for everyone else's enjoyment.

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[Incredibbble] Dribbble has acquired third-party Android app Rippple

I've come across Dribbble a few times in my online life, often when a budding designer shares a concept of an app or idea for all to see. The service seems like a mix between a social platform and a portfolio showcase where those with an artistic penchant can publish their designs, illustrations, photography, and other forms of scribbbles. But sadly, the lack of an official Android app used to crippple users from properly accessing the service on their smartphone so they had to resort to third-party apps.

Developed by Mathieu Marée, Rippple is the most popular Dribbble client on Android, and it's now being purchased by the service.

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HTC U11 EYEs to have 6.0" 1080p LCD, 3,930 mAh battery, Android Nougat, and more

HTC already has two phones aside from the standard U11 under the same branding, the U11+ and U11 life, but it looks like a third variant may be about to join them. The interestingly-named U11 EYEs actually seems like it could be a pretty nice smartphone, judging from the specifications and photos leaked by famed leakster @evleaks - that is, aside from its inclusion of Android Nougat.

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[Pawcket Dialing] Google Phone 9.0 hides a hilarious Paw Mode easter egg

While pawking around in the latest Google Phone 9.0, our resident APK master, Cody, uncovered one unexpected piece of evidence: paws. The animal kind. Cat and dog paws had infiltrated the installation file for seemingly no reason. This of course gave him pawse as he examined all the weird ways in which they could be used then came up empty. But we wouldn't be the Android Pawlice if we didn't have secret informants ready to do the dirty work on the ground and come back with hints and sometimes answers to our investigations. And this is what we're here to talk about: the paw mystery has been solved.

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[Update: Android TV] This game is toast: I am Bread, from the makers of Surgeon Simulator, butters its way onto the Play Store

No matter how you slice and dice it, bread is awesome. And being bread, that's probably the dream, nay, the Holy Grain. Well, at least if you loaf bread as much as I do. See, I never knew I kneaded a game like this, but now that I know it exists, I can't wait to play it.

In "I am Bread," you control a slice of bread that's just doughing its best to survive the unsavory obstacles in its way.

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[Pawesome] Garmin releases Delta Smart dog training and activity tracker with Canine app for Android

Are you having a rrrruff time training your dog and keeping him away from trouble? Is he taking ages to develop some people skills and improve his corgnitive behavior? Garmin has a solution to make your little canine the most puppylar in the park, on the street, and at home. It's a Bluetooth training and activity tracker called the Delta Smart and it costs a wooffing $149.99. But for your best friend, that's the leash you can do.

Delta Smart comes with three attachment bands to fit on any collar size. It's made of a durable material, water-resistant up to 1ATM (splashes and rain/snow, but no swimming), and its battery lasts up to three weeks, so you won't have to pug it in frequently to charge.

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[Saigo ni] After gaining XP in many other countries, Pokémon GO can no longer resist the lure of Japan

Pokémon GO has made several Pokéstops since its launch. First available in Australia and New Zealand, the game powered up and spread to the US, UK, Germany, followed by several European countries. Notice something missing there? Yes, the gym where it all started: Japan. That's no more.

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[Root access optional] Philips Sonicare's smart toothbrush app sinks its teeth into the Play Store

Never has the expression "put your money where your mouth is" been more accurate as it is with the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum toothbrush. This mouthful of a name designates a smart toothbrush made by Philips that is electric, with sonic technology for up to 31000 strokes per minute, and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, and which costs a mouth-foaming, jaw-dropping, tongue-biting, teeth-gritting, $180. Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this is a bitter pill to swallow, but you can grab it for $160 on Amazon now, with an additional $20 off from a coupon clip that applies at checkout — you should know the drill by now.

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[Here We Goat Again] Goat Simulator Waste Of Space Takes You On An Intergalactic Mission

Goat time for one more adventure? You've seen the buggy side of Goat Simulator, you've played through the zombie apocalypse in GoatZ, and you've simulated a simulator simulation or something inception'y of the sorts in MMO Simulator, now you have to get ready for one more adventure with your favorite animal and what's even better is that it takes place at the final frontier.

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[No More Nvy] Android N-ify Xposed Module Brings N Features To Your Lollipop And Marshmallow Device

Feeling Nvious? I Nderstand. But I have to warn you: with Google I/O kicking off in a few hours, you'll bet that we'll hear more about N than we have in the past months and your situation is only going to get more Nsufferable.

If you're rooted though and you have flashed Xposed onto your device, there's something Nteresting for you to try. Android N-ify is a module you can grab for your Lollipop and Marshmallow device to make it look and feel a little more like N. The module has been available since March, and has been getting different updates to add more features with time.

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