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Pulse SMS by Klinker Apps is now completely open source

Klinker Apps released 'Pulse' in 2016 as a new SMS client with support for sending messages from multiple devices. Once set up on your phone, you can send messages from a web app, wearables, and other platforms. Now the app is completely open-source, with Klinker Apps hoping more developers will contribute.

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Pulse SMS v4.8 beta adds support for Smart Replies [APK Download]

Google introduced Smart Replies with its short-lived Reply app over a year ago. Since then, the tech has been added to more prominent apps from the company such as Messages, Gmail, and Hangouts Chat. The Smart Reply API was only made available to third-party developers a few days ago, but Klinker Apps has already gone ahead and incorporated it in the latest beta of its popular Pulse SMS app.

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Some OnePlus 6Ts have an issue with waves of static on the display

Based on a handful of reports on the OnePlus product forums, some 6T owners have run into a problem with their phone's display in which a pixelated sort of "wave" or pulse of bright colors travels up or down the screen. A reliable trigger can't seem to be found, but for those that are affected, it appears to happen more often on the lock screen while using either OnePlus' face recognition or the in-display fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone.

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Pulse SMS now works on Samsung smartwatches

Pulse is one of the best SMS clients available to Android, partially because it allows you to view and send messages from more than just your phone. There are client applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, Wear OS, Android TV, the web, and now Tizen.

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Pulse SMS v3.0 beta includes folders, code copying, custom swipe actions, and more [APK Download]

SMS on Android has always been a little bit problematic, with Google's stock offering never able to really compete with iMessage — although it's set to improve somewhat with the introduction of a web client and more advanced RCS capabilities. For users who want a more advanced SMS experience right now, Pulse is one of the best options.

Developer Luke Klinker has just announced the version 3.0 beta, including a number of useful additions such as folders for better organization, easy copying of one-time/2FA codes from the notification (coincidently added in Android Messages the other day), and support for customizing conversation list swipe actions.

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Pulse by Klinker Apps is a new SMS app that brings Pushbullet-like sync and reply for messages across devices

To say that there are a lot of SMS clients on Android would be an understatement. Yet most people tend to stick to the default one that came with their phones and we know that a lot of those lack any useful or cool features. The name of Klinker should be familiar to some, since they gave us Talon for Twitter, Sliding Messaging, and EvolveSMS. Even though it's just Luke now, that doesn't mean that the neat apps have stopped. You may recall that back in September, Klinker released a beta for a new messaging app (then called "Messenger"). That app officially released today under the name of Pulse, and it's pretty awesome.

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[New App] US Census Bureau Releases 'America's Economy' App For Android – 'Take The Pulse Of The US Economy' On The Go

In a maneuver that the New York Times describes as "an effort to give economists, policy makers, business owners and citizens greater access to real-time data on the health of the nation's economy," the US Census Bureau recently released its America's Economy app to Google's Play Store.

The app, which is available in separate downloads for tablets and phones, gives users a quick look at a wide range of economic indicators, from business inventories to construction spending, homeownership rate, monthly wholesale, and a heaping handful of others. As one reviewer laments, however, the app does not offer some important indicators like labor force participation rate.

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[Review] My Taptu: Social Media + News + Eye Candy = Success

If you, like me, are constantly checking what's going on in the world of technology, science, world news, entertainment, gaming, music, and a million other things - on top of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, have I got an app for you. Picture, if you will, an Android app that will aggregate all of these news feeds and your social media streams into a cohesive and, quite frankly, sexy interface. You just imagined My Taptu, my new favorite news reader.

My Taptu's interface is really easy to grasp immediately and adding feeds, modifying the existing feeds, adding your Facebook and Twitter, and sharing all of this information just could not be any easier.

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RSS Gets Sexy: Pulse Comes To Android

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, he demoed Pulse – a super-slick RSS reader designed by some Stanford grads. Although Pulse had a minor hiccup (pulled from the App Store, then reinstated shortly thereafter), it became quite popular – today, the iPhone version has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.


Rather than simply displaying RSS feeds as lines of text, Pulse grabs thumbnails for each, and lays them out in square boxes that are organized via source and scrollable. The app seems to be incredibly smooth and efficient – just check out the video:

Despite the graphic-heavy nature, scrolling seems to be flawless and controlling the app looks very simple.

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